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A Napping Baby Workout

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a workout, so this post is long overdue!! I know my blog has kind of been all over the place lately with the addition of my kiddos, me being a new mom, and staying at home. But the real heart of it has always been exercise: what people are doing, how to fit it in, what I like doing, what I want to try etc. With that said, I’m planning on sharing more workouts! Yay!

I’ve always been a fan of short efficient workouts. And these days, they are my go-to. Squeezing in a workout during naptime really is the best….it gives me a good mental break as well as the physical benefits. And honestly, I’ve noticed the biggest change in my body when I added in some HIIT type workouts. SO here ya go, get that sweat on!

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each & repeat 3x through. Form tips and exercise explanations are below! {I used 5 pound weights, use something that feels tough the last 5 seconds of each exercise}

Below are some links to exercise demonstrations….maybe I will get fancy soon enough and do my own videos!!!

Down dog Push-ups

Curtsey Lunge with Chest Press  (perform chest press instead of a front raise)

Cross Over Jacks

Plank Up Downs

Back Lunge with Hop & Press (Add a hop with your front leg as you bring your legs parallel)

Twisting Mountain Climbers

Bridge with a Chest Press

Squat Jumps

Thanks for stopping by, I’m hoping to share some easy at home workouts more often & film some videos too! If you complete the workout, use the hashtag #fitgirlpwworkout, I’d love to see your check-ins!





Attempting To Be a Runner……..Again

I have no more excuses: I’m not pregnant (that has been quite the trend the last two years), I’m not breastfeeding anymore, and both kids are sleeping through the night (well, generally)….

It is time to get back to Running.

It’s always been “my thing” and oh boy I have missed it. And my body has too. I kept myself active during both pregnancies with walking and barre classes, but I’ve been seriously missing out on my runners high.



So I should be able to just jump right back in, right? Eh not.



My body has changed, priorities have changed, and my schedule has changed. Gone are the care free weekends with endless time to do whatever I want.  And gone are the days of sleeping 9+ hours a night. My pace is slower, my body is heavier, but it feels good to get my sweat on.

 I do want to complete another half marathon at some point, but for now I want to get back in the rhythm of consistently running.

The last two weeks I have been able to get in 3 runs each week.  I’m shooting for two short runs (2-3 miles) and one long run (5+ miles) This was after writing it down in my planner, putting my running clothes on, and laying my running shoes by the door. No excuses right?

Did you take a break from running or exercise? How did you get back into your routine?

Please share in the comments below!

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update


The belly is growing! I have definitely noticed a difference the past 2 weeks, crazy!!

Baby’s Size: The baby’s weigh 2 1/4 pounds and are the size of large eggplants. The babies can now blink their eyes, have eye lashes, and might be able to see light that filters through the womb. (weird!!)

Total Weight Gain: Not sure, I go in next week for my glucose test (bleh) and a routine ultrasound so I’ll know where I’m at then!

Stretch Marks: None, thankfully. Still religiously using my belly cream morning and night!

Sleep: On and off. I move around a little more at night to get comfy and the last two nights had to get up and eat a snack…those babies sure are hungry! I’m becoming a good napper though, I guess I’m subconsciously training my body to sleep in shifts already!

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling more movement is fun, even if it is at 4am!

Miss Anything: Bending over comfortably….painting my toe nails is getting a little rough.  And of course wine, but I’m actually getting used to it and don’t miss it as much as a month ago!

Movement: Yep!

Cravings: Sugary cereals……captain crunch with berries has been my go-to. Yum!

Looking Forward To: Getting through the gluclose test next week and getting more organized with the nursery. I’ve ordered some cute pictures and a dresser and can’t wait to get the room set up!!

Workouts: I’ve been taking Paisley on some longer walks (about 30-35 minutes) since it’s been warmer out. The dog is definitely forcing me to keep my legs in shape which I like! I also did one of my Bar Method DVD’s at home and went to a Fit 4 Baby class. It’s nice to be in a class and not be the ONLY pregnant one! I do notice my energy can go up and down depending on the day, so I’m trying to listen to my body and rest when I need to.

I’m so thankful my pregnancy has been pretty great so far especially going into the third trimester. Hubby and I are taking a little “baby preparation” class at our hospital in a couple weeks, which I’m excited about….we both have NO idea how to swaddle a baby! Ha!

Hope everyone has a great Friday! Hooray for the weekend!!

When you were pregnant did you take any childbirth classes? What did you think?

Where did you look for inspiration to decorate your nursery?

Thanks for stopping by~ Marielle


3 Must-Do Exercises for the Pregnant Woman

Good morning everyone!

How’s the week been so far? Hopefully not too painful getting back into the grind after the Holidays. This week is actually going by pretty quick in our household. It has been SO cold (especially compared to Los Angeles) this week and all I want to do is bundle up and stay inside. This morning it was 25 degrees, brrr!! Paisley is not impressed.


Today I wanted to share my favorite exercises for the pregnant lady! Of course there are many more exercises that are beneficial to do, but these are the three I feel like should be incorporated into every program!

Pregnancy Exercises




Why? Lots of picking up, reaching, and setting down the baby. And don’t forget about groceries and all those other household chores forcing you to bend forward! We don’t want to cause a back issue, so keeping those legs and glutes strong is important. Lunges can be performed stationary, stepping, walking, or even lateral and posterior.




Why? Holding, feeding, and reaching into your babies crib is inevitably going to force you into a more “kyphotic” (rounded/forward) posture position, which lengthens and weakens your posture muscles. (Lame!) Any type of rowing exercise (or scapular strengthening) fights against this. Rows can be performed in sitting, standing or in the bent over position. When you are rowing, really focus on pinching your shoulder blades- not hunching your shoulders up towards your ears. For more exercise ideas to improve your posture, visit this article. 


draw with marching


For the pregnant woman you may modify this exercise by performing it sitting or elevated with a bolster behind your head and torso so that you are not completely supine.

Why? The bellies are stretching, thus lengthening and weakening your abdominal muscles. Plus the added weight gain and new posture position your body is adjusting to can make it tough to activate your core muscles correctly.

For more detail about how to perform this exercise (it can be a little tricky), check out a past Fit Girl article for a greater explanation.

Once you have this movement down, add in supine marching (alternate lifting your legs) while maintaining that abdominal draw/brace. Your back should not arch and you should feel a subtle awareness in your lower abdominals below your belly button.


Well there you have it folks! I hope that was a little informative for your Thursday 🙂

What is everyone up to this weekend?

Do you perform any of these exercises on a regular basis? 

Later! ~Marielle