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The Current Questionnaire

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a survey. I love reading blogger surveys as it gives a different glimpse into their lives.

I found this particular survey from the Sweet and Strong Blog.

Current TV Show: I’ve always been a Real Housewives girl and the OC is my favorite, so that has been my go-to lately.  My hubby is not a fan so we don’t watch that together. So, I’m looking forward to the new seasons of Modern Family and the Leftovers that are starting up soon! {Those we can watch together}



Current Exercise: I bought a new member special at my local Pure Barre studio, so I’m trying to get in as many classes as possible during my unlimited month!

Current Indulgence: I stumbled upon {found on yelp} a cute coffee shop in my neighborhood that I visited for the first time a few weeks ago. I ordered a vanilla latte and they were out of vanilla, so I was offered a Salted Caramel Latte instead. Um hello!  Not something to have all the time, but definitely a fun treat!

Current Nail Color: Right now, nothing. Bleh, boring! I’m in need of a manicure and pedicure! Bring on the bright pink and reds please.

Current Wish List: Since I’m a stay at home mom and a fitness instructor, I live in yoga pants and comfy shirts.

I’ve been eyeing these two for a little while~


Sweet T’s Design Shoppe

So cute, right??


Emi-Jay Apparel

As a frequent barre enthusiast, I think I need this shirt!

Current Bane of my Existence: The constant sweating! Now don’t get my wrong, I really love living in Texas, but I am so over the summer. Bring on the 70 degrees temperatures please and take the humidity away!

Current Link: I can’t pick just one, so I will share two!

  Scribbles and Crumbs

Coffee and Crumbs

{Apparently I have a thing for crumbs, ha!}

The first site is written by Lexi, who is another loss mom and she documents her journey through the grieving process. She’s an excellent writer and I always look forward to her latest posts!

Coffee and Crumbs is a collaborative website about motherhood with categories ranging from Pregnancy, New Mom, Perceptive, Miscarriage, Marriage, Working Moms and everything else in between!



Now it’s your turn!

What is your current………. Exercise? TV Show? Indulgence?


Survey Time

Well this week sure has gotten away from me! I was feeling a little low energy after traveling to Seattle over the weekend (more details on that later), so decided to take it easy this week…no exercising, no organizing, just relaxing. I’m beginning to feel normal again so it worked.

I have always enjoyed reading blogger surveys and saw this one on Fitnessista (one of my favorite blogs) earlier this week, so now I’m sharing it with all of you!


bookI have about 100 pages left in this one, it’s getting pretty intense. Her books are always so good, right?! When I finish this book, I’m going to start “The Memory Child”….this one was recommended from the blog world.


Wearing: Zella Yoga pants and a tank top. This has been my uniform of choice these days.


Watching: I’m totally late to the party, but I just started “Revenge” last night….and OMG, it’s so good, I’m hooked!

Listening: The James Morrison Pandora station…..some easy listening in the morning. 🙂


Eating: Just finished eating scrambled eggs and toast. I’ll be hungry for my next snack in about 2-3 hours. These babies sure like to eat!

Now I want to hear from you: what are you reading, wearing, watching, listening to or eating??

It’s Survey Time

I love it when bloggers fill out random little surveys. I thought it’s about time for me to do one too. And my blogging inspiration was slacking a little bit today.  I saw this particular survey on Courtney’s blog. So here it goes:

Last Food You Ate: Well I just got home from work and haven’t eaten dinner yet…so I think it was granola bar late this afternoon.

Last Beverage you Drank: Water. Boring, I know. I’m one of those that carries a water bottle everywhere I go.

Last Workout: Yesterday I ran about 5 miles along Manhattan Beach towards Redondo. One of my favorite routes to do.

Last thing I Pinned. A cute Summer Outfit. I think I’m ready to spice up my summer wardrobe and a shopping trip is in my near future.


Last Text Message I sent: It was to one of my girlfriends back in Seattle telling her I haven’t slept much the past 2 weeks due to the puppy.  Lol. Oh so true. 

Last Blog I visited: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to get the survey questions!

Last Tweet I sent: 005In reference to the ridiculousness of Ryan Lochte’s new show. It’s so bad, but I can’t seem to look away.

Last Place visited: Indio, California! We went to the Stagecoach festival this past weekend. It was so much fun. And hot. 106 degrees hot on Sunday.




Last time you did ab work: Hmmm. I did a mini workout at home last week before we left for the weekend. So the last time was about 5 days ago.

Last show you watched: Married To Jonas. I love it.  They are so cute and I love admiring her wardrobe.



Last thing you baked: Breaded chicken last week for dinner.

Last thing you Instagrammed: 


A picture of my new Bar Method home dvd. Shocking I know. I plan on trying out the workout tomorrow when Puppy is asleep…..

Last Item On Your To-Do List for Today: After finishing this post, nothing. Laundry is done. Dishes are done. I plan on sitting on the couch and zoning out for a little bit. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week!

Any survey’s you want to share?