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Stair Workout

Hello Friends~ Hope everyone is having a fab weekend.  The weekend weather has been so perfect which always makes me happy.  Today hubby and I biked to Manhattan Beach and had some ice cream. Yummy. There were a ton of people out and about which means some good people watching.


Yesterday we did a stair climb!  The climb was at the AON Center in downtown LA- the 2nd tallest building in Los Angeles, over 850 feet tall and 63 stories.



I finished in a little over 15 minutes (15:35 I think was the exact time). I was pretty pleased since I didn’t train as much as I wanted to, but I had incorporated in stairs the last 3 weeks.




A clear day in LA- this vantage point is facing towards Hollywood.

I love stair workouts- they get your heart rate up quick and don’t take that long. Oh, and definitely tone up the booty and calves.

I know everyone’s access to stairs can be different so modify the workout if you have 50 steps to climb up or 5.

For this particular workout, I was running up about 30 steps.


*Feel free to repeat the workout if you are working with a small amount of steps.

For stretching- stretch the hamstrings, quads, and calves.



Have you done a stair climb before?


Puppy Sprints & Summer Tops

So you know the feeling in your legs and butt when you haven’t sprinted in awhile? (like months). Yea that’s what I’m feeling right now. Yikes.

I miss playing soccer because I always got in long and short sprints during the game. Now I have to make a conscious effort to do a “sprint workout” and sometimes it’s easier for me to just run 30 minutes than go through a series of sprints.

Today I’m reminded my body is not used to it at all. Sad Day.



Awhile back I posted a sprint workout and had every intention to do sprints more regularly but it hasn’t happened as consistently as I’d like. But I think with puppy, it’s going to be much easier.

We took little Paisley to a nearby park and sprinted with her back and forth until she got tired.  I think we ended up doing about 10 little 50 meter sprints all together.

Now she looks like this. Sleeping under the bed.

009Aww peace and quiet. I like this.

I’m excited to make this more than just a weekly event as it’ll obviously be a good workout for both of us.


I’m on the search for a new workout top.  Something that is cute (of course) but comfy for dog walking, biking, or going on a run. I’m kind of obsessed with the open back trend, I think it looks super cute with a bright colored sports bra or tank underneath.

Here’s some fun finds from Lululemon, Nordstrom,  (Nordstrom top 2), Lorna Jane, and Lucy.





I need to narrow it down to 1…….I’ll let you all know which one I pick 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday !

Do you incorporate sprinting into your workouts?

What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog?

Listen to YOUR Body!

I’m not someone that needs to be motivated to workout, or one to make excuses not to workout. I have found that I am on the opposite side of the spectrum, in that I don’t always give my body much of a break, and I keep pushing it when I don’t need to. With time I have learned that listening to my body each day is the most important thing. If I feel like I can workout harder or run faster, then I do it. If I can only make it to mile 6 instead of mile 10, then so be it- I’ll run 10 miles next time.

I learned this the hard way in college when I tore my ACL. At the time I was playing in some adult co-ed leagues and being me, I hated missing workouts. I still remember that day I was feeling sick that morning, but I didn’t want to skip. So needless today, since my body wasn’t 100% in it, I took a misstep and hurt my knee. I definitely missed some workouts for a long while after that. Going through this injury and the long rehab process, I learned that skipping one or two workouts is way better than not being able to run for 3 months!

Now I ran into trouble with this same problem again when I started training for races. Some of the first training plans I followed wanted me running 5+ days a week. I tried to do this, but my body hated it. Towards the end of the week running felt like a chore and my body was tired, sore, and run down. I decided to cut down to 4 days a week and it made such a HUGE difference. WMy training runs were more effective and I felt like I had more energy for the long runs. Even when I was Marathon Training, I ran no more than 4 days a week, and it worked for me.

Right now I workout about 5 days a week with a mix of running, barre classes, and at-home circuits. And tonight I did a quick sprint workout and it felt great. I got a good sweat on and now I’m relaxing on the couch. 🙂

Here’s what I did:

What are your workout routines?

How many days a week do you run when you are training for a race?

Do you feel guilty when you miss a workout?

Until Next time! -M

Living life in a Sprint

This has been one of the busiest weeks in a long time, and it’s only Wednesday! There’s a few therapists that are out on vacation, so that means I’m seeing extra patients.  Luckily, the days have  gone by quickly, but I’ve been coming home exhausted! I’m really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday already!

I was extremely tempted to skip my workout tonight and just sit at home, but my hubby was already at the gym so I know I had no excuse and I’d feel better afterwards. 🙂  I decided to do a sprint workout today- something quick that’ll make me sweat and get my heart pumping.  Sprint workouts are great because you only need 20-30 minutes and can still get a great workout.

Here’s what I did:


I feel much better already and now I don’t feel so guilty having a glass of wine and sitting on the couch.

I think next time I do sprints, I’m going to add in some p-ups and dips in between, what do you think?

Until next time! I’m going to head to the couch with some wine and hopefully some trashy reality tv!