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The Sometimes Blogger

Hi hi friends! It’s been a minute…again!

Honestly, I think about the blog a lot and have struggled with what direction I want to take it. Do I want to blog multiple times a week and try to grow it, do I want to blog occasionally, or do I want to stop and start something new?

Since becoming a SAHM, I’ve been able to pursue some side gigs that I really love….teaching Stroller Strides and Pop Pilates classes, working my Rodan+Fields business and blogging occasionally!  I am so thankful for these outlets and being able to pursue some activities that are just for me! I think the problem is when I do have free time, I don’t know what to do first! Do I workout (that usually wins), do stuff around the house, do I blog, do I work on my R+F stuff or do I just relax & unplug? Geesh that’s a lot of things pulling me in different directions!

{MMMM Coffee}

So what’s my conclusion with all of this? Right now, I’m happy being somewhere in the middle. My top priorities of course are my family & myself. I don’t want to blog just for the sake of getting a post up, but at the same time I don’t want to NOT blog because I don’t think I have 100% perfect content! Writing has always been therapeutic for me and helps me work out my feelings and emptions, so I am thankful for this space. I think besides planning my workouts and meals I need to plan my blogging time!

Thanks for stopping by my little space on the internet!


Do you work from home, how do you schedule your days?

Do you stick to a blogging schedule each week?

Please share in the comments below!



Staying Sane as a SAHM

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I officially earned the title “Stay at Home Mom.” It’s funny, staying home wasn’t a hard decision to make…..I was at a job that I liked, but didn’t love, and with our relocation to Dallas it all just fell into place.

Is it harder than I thought it would be? Oh yeah. Are there days when the only time I get to myself is when I take a shower? Absolutely! But when it’s all said and done I wouldn’t change a thing.


Now I am definitely no expert on the subject but this is what’s worked for me. And I’m sure I will continue to learn more as I go!

Get Out of the House

I repeat. Get out of the house. As hard as it is, it needs to happen. Having a reason to get everyone ready (including yourself) is a big deal. And having somewhat of a daily routine makes me feel normal.

Make Mom Friends

I know this doesn’t happen overnight. But seriously, I don’t know where I’d be without my group of girls. It can be so isolating without someone who genuinely understands the excitement of drinking coffee when it’s actually warm or being able to blow dry your hair in the morning. Wherever you are: look up Mom’s Club, Playgroups, Join Gymboree, or look for Stroller Strides classes. Of course it can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there, but just do it!

Make Time for your Hobbies

This is much easier said than done. There were/are plenty of times where I’d just rather stay and get stuff done around the house because lets be honest- there is always something that needs to be done.



But it can wait. Go workout, read a book in a coffee shop, go shopping- whatever it is that makes you feel like you.

Embarce the Hard Days

It’s not always happy kids and perfect instagram pictures. Some days you won’t get any housework done, the laundry will pile-up, the kids will be grumpy, you will be exhausted and you won’t have a clue what everyone is having for dinner. Those days are tough, yes, but they won’t happen EVERYDAY. Wine and sweatpants really help.

Any of you Stay at Home Mommas want to share some of your wisdom?


Marielle’s Musings

You know when have a long list of “To-Do’s” and finally have time to tackle them? And then you do nothing of the sorts? Yea that was me today and right now. I always plan to go through my to-do-list when Charlotte naps, but sometimes I find myself just doing nothing. (I.e. scrolling through Instagram)

But I digress….today I’m sharing my random thoughts of the week with you sweet blogger friends.

{Beware, this post is all over the place}. 🙂

I Don’t Like Almond Milk

I finally admitted this to my husband the other night and his response was “yeah of course, it’s gross.” Lol. I like adding in something simple and healthy into my diet on the regular. I’ve gone back and forth with almond milk and kept trying to tell myself that “it tastes just like regular milk.” Ya, it doesn’t.

Babies Require A Lot of Stuff

It’s like I’m taking Charlotte on a two day vacation when we go on a playdate and then to the grocery store. My goodness. Teething toys, paci’s, a blanket, a bottle, extra diapers, wipes, & an extra outfit. No wonder it takes me so long to get myself and her ready to go somewhere.



I’m Ready for Spring

I think I say this every winter, but living in LA definitely spoiled me. I can handle cold weather for a couple weeks, but now I’m ready for wearing flip flops shorts and bright colors again. Meh, I think I have a little ways to go. Granted Texas is known for having bipolar weather, so I’m sure we’ll get some random 70 degrees days coming up soon. At least I hope so!

I’m A Slow Reader

I’ve been reading the same book now for a little over a month. It’s not the book’s fault I’m reading so slow, it’s me. By the time I’m at the point in my day when I can sit or lay in silence, it’s 9pm. That’s dangerously close to my bedtime. I think I’m averaging like 4 pages a night. I hope to finish the book sometime before summer. Ha.

Planning a 1st Birthday Party is So Fun

And overwhelming.

Who knew so much can go into a first birthday celebration? The party theme, photo albums, guest books, goodie bags etc. Now don’t let me fool you, mine won’t be that extravagant, but I will incorporate some cute decorations for the little princess.

Here’s some things I’ve been perusing on Pinterest and Etsy.



Cute, right?

Those are my random thoughts for the day, thanks for following along!

Do you follow at To-Do List?

Do you have any random thoughts/opinions this week?

Around the Internet

Hey, hey! You must be thinking…back so soon, huh? And yes I am.

 I was able to have some “me time” this weekend which included some blogging. Kudos to all of you mom bloggers that are about to blog almost daily, I am impressed. Before we get into the meat of the post, I have to share some updated Charlotte pictures. 🙂


I die over the cuteness here.



She sure loves to snuggle, which makes it very difficult getting anything done during the day. But oh well, I don’t mind!


Today, I wanted to share what I’ve been reading across the internet lately…..

Fitness Blogs for Personal Trainers -This list is awesome. I discovered so many new resources, thanks for sharing Sarah!!

HIIT the Barre Workout–  I met Brittany at BlogFest last year and she is such a sweetheart. I did this workout yesterday and it was tough but I LOVED it!



17 Days Missing Reid– Onto a much heavier subject… Emma recently went through a stillbirth and has been sharing her experience and thoughts on her blog. I’m glad I found her on instagram as I’ve been following her journey. Sadly her story mirrors my own. I haven’t shared much about Declan on my blog yet, but she has taken a lot of the words out of my mouth. If any of you have or know someone who has experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth, Emma’s articles are worth the read. ❤


10 People You Hate After Giving Birth- I found Scary Mommy through Facebook and these articles are hilarious! Anyone who is pregnant or a mom will love this site.

Gal Meets Glam– Has been my favorite fashion blog for awhile. Can I be her for a day? This girl travels so much, has cute clothes and is gorgeous. #girlcrush



What are your favorite internet reads??

Have a great Monday everyone!!


Thinking Out Loud

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!

The days all kind of blur together, so it is rare that I know what do it is. I’ve had lots of random thoughts running through my head for a blog post this week and since I couldn’t think of one theme, this will be a random post.

And here we go!

Chrisley Knows Best is Coming Back!! (cue the applause and cheering)



I think I’m a little too excited that this show is coming back. I laugh out loud almost every episode, I don’t know if it is the southern accent that makes everything seem so much funnier or what. Please tell me I’m not the only one that watches this show??!

My New Favorite Snack


These are so good. I love chocolate and I feel less guilty about eating these instead of a candy bar. I think I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. I blame that on the fact that the bag is so small.

Home Cooking


I finally tried out Plated this week! I first heard of this food delivery service on Shark Tank and was always curious to try. Basically, you choose a meal and they send you all of the exact ingredients you need along with cooking directions. It’s not something I would do on the regular cause it is a little pricey, but it is definitely something I’d do again when I’m feeling bored with my cooking routine. My meal didn’t turn out exactly like the picture, but close enough right?!



Okay, I must admit I don’t think I have done any yoga since maybe September or October? Oy! The last class I took was at lululemon with a girlfriend in LA. So it’s been awhile. I know my body needs something a little calmer and relaxing since getting back into the workout routine. And as luck would have it, Tone it Up posted a new yoga video last week. Loved it, my body appreciated it, and it made me miss living near the beach. Waaa.

Cute Charlie

I can’t have an entire post and not share a picture of Charlotte. She says Happy Friday to you all!


Oh and I need to find this shirt. Seriously!!


What are your weekend plans??

What are some things that you are loving lately?

Thanks for stopping by friends! XO, M

Friday Thoughts

Happy Happy Friday!

I couldn’t pin down an exact blog topic for today so I thought I’d share some random thoughts as we head into the weekend.

The Bachelor

Please tell me some of you are tuning in this season??! (Yes I’m 32 years old and still watch this show…..I just can’t look away)

But anyways, I’m glad Britt is finally gone.  She stuck around longer than I thought considering I don’t think she had much in common with Chris (he probably just thought she was hot). And c’mon, there was no way this Hollywood girl was going to be happy living in Iowa…just no way!


I’m hoping Chris and Whitney end up together. I really liked her from the beginning and I’m glad she’s still around, so I’ll be rooting for her the next couple of weeks!


The Oscars

This is my favorite awards show to watch and this year we’ve seen almost all the movies, which makes it that much more fun! And of course, I can’t wait to see the Red Carpet event and admire and/or laugh at the dresses! So many good movies out this year, but I’m pulling for American Sniper!



Being pregnant is quite exhausting, especially the last couple of weeks. There’s no way I’d be able to be working right now and I’m so thankful I’m not. I nap once a day no matter what and still sleep about 8 hours a night. Trying to take it easy and listen to the ‘ol body. It’s tough for me to slow down and take it easy, but my body is definitely letting me know!

New Yoga Pants



I finally got a new pair of yoga pants and I am obsessed. If you haven’t tried on any pants from Beyond Yoga, you must….they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. Good thing they are cute because they will probably be part of my daily outfit once the babies are here.

That’s all from me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Do you watch any Reality TV shows?

Are you tuning into the Oscars this weekend?

My Recent Obsessions

Happy Wednesday!

The week is already flying by, geez.  I realized yesterday that I officially have 2 months max until the babies are here…omg! The farthest my doctor wants to take me is 38 weeks and right now I’m at 29 1/2, so it’s getting closer! I’m trying to enjoy my last couple months of quiet and calmness at home. 🙂

Today I wanted to share some random things that I have been enjoying lately!

Sweaty Bands


So these are awesome. I’m always on the lookout for headbands that are cute and stay on your head while working out, which isn’t that easy. A friend of mine recommended sweaty bands to me and I just love it….been wearing it almost everyday. The sparkles are super cute too!

Cadberry Mini Eggs


Every year the Easter candy seems to come earlier and earlier. I swear I almost eat an entire bag in one sitting, not good. And my grocery store conveniently located them right as you walk in, so I have to buy them. Ugh…the struggle!

Nursery Décor



The nursery is coming together, finally! I’m loving how it is turning out.

Pop Physique DVD’s

I miss my Pop Physique classes (they are only in California), so I stocked up on some DVD’s for when I’m housebound with the babies. Looking forward to getting back at it!

Cuddle Time with my girl

paisleyfaceJust look at that face. Awwww. She’s been extra snuggly with my lately, which I love. I know there will be some jealousy issues when the babies come since she’s used to being an only child, but we’ll work through it! For now, she is getting all of my attention 🙂

This Shirt



My husband texted this to me while I was napping. Lol, it is quite perfect for this pregnant lady!

I hope everyone is having a great first week of February! Talk to you all soon!

Anything in particular you are loving lately?

Are you a fan of Easter candy?