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Postpartum Body Thoughts

So did I really miss blogging the entire month of March?? Yep I did. Besides the kiddos keeping me very occupied, I have been busy finishing up my Pop Pilates certification and finding an instructing job- eek! I will share all the deets soon in a separate post, now that it’s official, and I will have my very own class starting in May!

Wiritng a post about my postpartum body has been on my mind for awhile. Being a fitness instructor and enthusiast, I feel like I should share my voice on this topic. In all honesty, it wasn’t until Donovan turned 10 months that I began to feel more like myself. I gained about 30 pounds during my pregnancy (that boy liked to eat and still does). The first 20 came off easily but the last 10 hung around for awhile. There were times I was frustrated as I’ve always been “in shape.”  Breastfeeding, not sleeping much, and taking care of 2 kids took a lot of time away from normal exercise routine.

It’s ridiculous how much pressure we put on ourselves to “get your body back” asap. I was basically pregnant for 2 years straight and SO anxious to get back to my pre-pregnancy self. Looking back, I tried to do too much too soon and didn’t just relax and just give myself time. I know it’s so much easier to say that versus actually live it! Instead of just taking a nap, sometimes I’d push myself to workout. Now I’m at a place that I want to work out because it feels good, not because I feel like I have to.

Right now I am working out about 4-5 times a week. I try to run 2x a week and do one HIIT routine (Tone it Up and Sarah Fit) and one Pop Pilates routine. The variety has been the best for my body. My diet has been a factor in losing the baby weigh as well, I try to eat pretty healthy during the week and then allow myself 2 cheat meals on the weekends. (I mean, I love queso and margaritas and won’t be giving those up anytime soon!) I’m no longer breastfeeding and feel like that was when the shift started to happen. Some people lose weight when they are breastfeeding but that wasn’t me. I was ALWAYS hungry and ate like I was training for a marathon at times. Again, Donovan likes to eat!

“What? Who Me?

(This was taken at Miss Charlott’es 2nd birthday early March).

To all you Mamas out there, you are doing a great job no matter where you are on your post baby bod y journey!  Thanks for stopping by! I hope to be back again soon!



Choosing Happy

Hello All!

Man this week sure has gotten away from me. I was planning on being a little more active on the blog this week, but that obviously didn’t happen. But, head over to the Girls Gone Sporty Website and check out my newest travel workout. Perfect timing for the beginning of summer! 🙂



I can honestly say that choosing to be happy is a struggle at times. And I know there is no way that we can always be happy. We all have face setbacks, hardships, and things don’t always turn out as we planned, which can be frustrating. I wanted to share some personal insight I’ve reflected on recently.



Complaining about the negatives and feeling sorry for ourselves doesn’t change anything. I’m a huge advocate of looking for a positive, but needs a reminder at times. I’m a constant planner and worrier which keeps me from living in and enjoying the moment.

So, the next time I feel like complaining or worrying about something I’m going to remind myself to “choose happy” instead. And I hope you will try it too!



And with that, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

How do you choose to be happy? Please share in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading. ~M

Life Lessons from my Dog

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m sharing some life wisdom I’ve learned from Paisley.



Smile More


Never Stop Playing


Appreciate the Little Things- Lying in bed after a long day with my hubby and dog is the absolute best and I’m pretty sure Paisley feels the same way.


Let Your Loved Ones Know How You Feel 




Stop and Enjoy the Moment 


Don’t Forget to Practice Yoga- I believe this is her version of the downward dog…nice form, huh?  


Dress Up (yes we will get her a bigger jersey for next year)


What are some life lessons you’ve learned from your dog? 


Well, the half marathon training is going.  Last week I was only able to get in two runs- one 4 miler and one 7 miler. The 7 was a little slower than I’d like, but I’m just glad to get those miles in. I’m thinking of adding in some sprint and interval workouts and see if I can get my speed up a little bit.

What are your tips for increasing your running speed? Please share! 

Thanks for reading as always!! ~M





Moving On

Happy Friday Everyone!! And Happy Long Weekend too.

I can’t believe that it’s basically September already…..not sure where summer went??!

If you read my most recent post, you know all the changes that have been on with us this past month. (Maybe that’s why August flew by)

Getting a new job was a big deal for me and took a lot of time for me to make that decision. Without going into too much deal, I was at a crossroads knowing that this wasn’t the right place for me to grow in my career and I wasn’t as happy as I have been before with past jobs.

But at the same time I was struggling with that fact that I was fortunate to have a job and it was comfortable.

I ran across this quote on Pinterest awhile back and it always kind of “stuck” with me.


For some reason I had a hard time coming to my final decision because it was something I had to do on my own- no one could tell me what’s right or what’s wrong. I had to decide what was in the best interest for ME and not for anyone else.

In between jobs I’m taking a week off, which is going to be fabulous. There is still so much here in LA that I haven’t been able to explore, so I am hoping to get in some touristy stuff and relaxing too of course. 🙂



I’ll be back soon with a new workout to share!