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Vacation Dreaming AND Lorna Jane Action Nation Day

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my last post about our baby news! We are getting excited and are about a month away from knowing the genders ūüôā In the next couple weeks I’ll write a post in more detail about how I’m feeling, my workouts, and just how life has been lately! ūüôā

My mind is currently focused on our upcoming VACATION!! Oh man, I can’t wait. We’ve gone on a ton of little weekend trips lately, but this time we will be out of town for over a week and it’s definitely at the right time. Life has been pretty hectic lately and we will both be able to relax and have some down time. We are heading up to San Francisco then Napa for a week and we are bringing the pup too! ūüôā



No wine drinking for me unfortunately ūüė¶ but I’m sure we can find some other things to do to entertain ourselves. I’ll post a recap when we get back!

This part of the post is brought to you as a part of my ambassador program with Sweatpink on behalf of Lorna Jane.  All opinions are my own, as always!

I absolutely love hearing about companies that have more to them than just selling a product and making money. The more I’ve learned about Lorna Jane, the more I am drawn to the company and their mission.

On September 28th this year Lorna Jane organized events around the world to promote Active Nation!   This event was created in 2012 with the goal of inspiring women to live an active life. Check out what events are around your area!


On September 28th this year Lorna Jane has organized events around the world to promote Active Nation! ¬†Check to see if there are any upcoming events near you! The event was held in Santa Monica this year and I’m bummed I couldn’t make it out. I followed Lorna Jane along on instagram that day¬†and it looked like a fabulous event.

Also, check out the Lorna Jane App!! It allows you to track your workouts, get feedback on your activity, recipes, as well as daily inspirational quotes & mantras…..that’s my favorite part!




How do you maintain an active lifestyle? Any tips? Please share in the comments below!



Finding Balance + Greatist

I went to a 90 minute yoga class this morning and it felt AMAZING. ¬†I have been slacking on incorporating yoga into my routine (I¬†haven’t¬†been to a class in about a year, eeek). ¬†I decided to go after walking around Lululemon with a girlfriend last week, and we saw their¬†calendar¬†of free community classes. ¬†Just another reason that Lulu is oh so awesome.

  (pic source)

They held the community class at YogaWorks, which is just a few doors down from the lululemon store. ¬†I was actually thankful for this, so I wasn’t tempted to buy anything in the store.

I usually do my longer runs on Saturdays, so I thought Sunday would be a perfect day to go. ¬†I left class thinking “why in the heck I don’t go more regularly?” ¬†It’s such a nice balance to running, boot camp, and barre classes. ¬†I was even sweating during some crazy poses! ¬†I really loved that at the end of class, we sit in silence for at least 3 minutes thinking about what we are thankful for and our intentions for the day. ¬†Most of us live our lives going a mile a minute, so it’s nice to have a little “time-out” once in awhile.

I haven’t always been a pro-yoga person. ¬†I grew up playing soccer, so I am used to intense fast-paced “I feel like I’m going to fall over” workouts. ¬†The old me used to think that going to yoga was a waste of time. ¬†As I’ve gotten older (and a little wiser I hope) I have learned that your body can’t go 100% all the time. ¬†There are days that your body needs a lighter workout, more stretching, or a day off. ¬†For me, running is number 1. ¬†But at the same time, I want to be able to enjoy running in 30 years from now. ¬†Incorporating a¬†variety¬†of exercise is a wonderful way to balance your body.

I¬†challenge¬†you all to try something new or different to balance your body. ¬†If you always go to yoga or pilates classes- try a boot camp. ¬†If you always go to spin class- try a barre class. ¬†Whatever¬†it is, try something new. ¬†There are so many options out there now that I know¬†everyone¬†can find something they enjoy. ¬†And please share me what you try and how it goes….. ūüôā

This is random, but I have to share this pic of my friends little dog, MoMo (short for Moet, lol). ¬†She hasn’t been super friendly around me since I’ve met her, but last night she finally sat close enough for me to pet her AND take her picture. ¬†I guess she is finally realizing I’m okay to be friends with. Ha.


I had a really good week last week, as I found out I was a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador on Monday, then on Tuesday I received another email saying I was chosen as a Greatist Ambassador. Ahh!

I¬†discovered¬†the Greatist website a few months ago actually through Twitter. ¬†It is a great resource for fitness, health, and just being happy. ¬†I have ¬†already spent hours browsing the site for recipes, life inspiration, how to sleep better, and fitness tips of course! ūüôā

“The Greatist Team has a simple mission:¬†to inspire and inform the world to make at least one healthier decision per week.”

I was super excited when I saw them post on Twitter that they were accepting ambassador applications, I went home that night , wrote up my application, and sent it in. ¬†And I’m pretty happy with outcome! ¬†So what is a Greatist Ambassador you ask? ¬†Per their website:

Greatist Ambassador. super noun. [gray-tist- am-bass-a-door]
a person who makes healthier choices and inspires others to do the same”

Sounds like me! ūüôā Woo hoo! So excited and honored to be included!


Please share with me if you practice yoga? How often do you go?

Also, how do you find balance in your workouts?

Alright later kids, getting ready to enjoy my favorite shows- Homeland and Dexter tonight! Woop!

I’m an Ambassador!

My Monday turned out to be way more exciting than normal as I opened up my email box and saw this

Ahhh! I am SO excited to be a part of this amazing¬†movement! My goal for 2013 was to become an ambassador, but I decided to apply early! Yay. Here’s a quick little description of what it’s all about!

“Girls Gone Sporty is a movement and GGS Ambassadors are the driving force required to help spread the spirit of fun and adventure that Girls Gone Sporty stands for. We‚Äôre looking for women who embrace our tagline, ‚ÄúLive the sporty life!‚ÄĚ Women who work hard, play hard, compete and eat, all with the intention of being their best, most positive selves”

WooHoo! Oh and I saw this little tank top they are selling on the website….pretty darn cute I must say! ‚̧


And in other exciting news, Real¬†Housewives¬†of¬†Beverly¬†Hills is BACK!! My life is complete once again. ¬†The show is so dramatic and ridiculous and I just love it. ¬†I’m really sad that Camille isn’t on it this season ūüė¶ But Brandy is becoming my new¬†favorite. ¬†She’s doesn’t hold anything back and I think she’s quite hilarious. ¬†A good friend of mine is just as obsessed with this show as me, so we’ll start watching them together¬†every¬†week and annoying my husband with it. Ha.

Do you watch Real Housewives? Who is your favorite?

Do you watch any shows with your friends?

Happy Tuesday and Election Night! ~M