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A Bittersweet Week

We are so excited and thankful to introduce our newest family member, Charlotte!


She came into the world on March 9th, earlier than expected, after my doctor was unable to find a heartbeat on our baby boy.

As you can imagine our emotions have been all over the place. She’s still at the hospital to get a little bigger, she’s a tiny little thing, but is doing great and just needs more time.

We are trying to focus on the positive and are so thankful we have her!

Dallas….here we come!

I may be away from the blog for couple of weeks because we are MOVING!!





Our lives are changing so quickly, but all in good ways so we are nothing but excited.  Once we get a little more settled I will fill you all in on the details. We have a great network of family and friends in Dallas, so that will make the transition much easier.

Can’t wait for our next chapter! 🙂

Thanks for following along!

Have you ever moved to a new state?

What are your best moving tips?