My Hospital Bag Checklist

Hello there! Alright we are on the 1 month countdown to baby boy’s arrival! OMG. A good friend of mine was due May 1st and ended up having her little bundle 3 weeks early, SO I am extremely motivated to get that hospital bag packed!!

Luckily we will be having the little guy at the same hospital so I’m familiar with what I need and don’t need. Of course I will always overpack, but better to be too prepared than not, right?!

Pinterest has a ton of hospital bag checklists to follow and I used this one to get me started!

hospital bag


If someone asked me what the few essentials would be, I’d say:

Sleeping Mask/Ear Plugs– People are coming in and out of your room constantly so sleep will be minimal, but these do help)

Towel from Home– The hospital towels are so old and thin and I feel better about using my own towel from home versus a shared one. #yuck

Sandals for the Shower– Reminds me of those college days living in the dorms, ha!

Now for the fun stuff!

Below are some items that aren’t totally necessary but will make the hospital stay a little more comfortable…….and why not spoil yourself a little bit, you just had a baby!!

This Robe Though….



So cute right?! I ordered one in light blue and figure it’ll make breastfeeding easier in the hospital and at home!


Not that we are really going to be paying attention to the tv much, but it’s nice background noise. I packed Friends and Happy Endings. My favorite comedies.

happy endings


Snacks From Home

Yes the hospital has food and snacks, but it’s nice to have exactly what you want with you!





One thing I’m still on the search for is a button up Sleep Shirt! I’ve spied some cute ones from Victoria’s Secret. I figure these will be good for nursing and they look very comfy!




Anything you would add to the list?

What was an essential item for you at the hospital?


2 thoughts on “My Hospital Bag Checklist

    1. MarielleBurch Post author

      Ya! It’s coming up so soon!! Those sleeps shirts looks so adorable and comfy, I think I’ll treat myself to one soon! 🙂 hope all is well with you!


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