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29 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe it took me this long to do another pregnancy update! I’m now officially in the 3rd Trimester, OMG. Time is flying!

29 weeks

I spy a cute little photo bomber!

I passed my Glucose test last week, so that takes some worry away! Apparently if I had failed that test, I’d have to do a 3-hour one. No Thank You!

So, let’s see what the little guy is up to (all info is from )

  • Baby is as big as an Acorn Squash, measuring 15.2-16.7 inches
  • Baby weighs 2.5- 3.8 pounds
  • The little guy could triple his weight before birth (oh man)
  • Baby is growing white fat deposits under his skin which can lead to a surge in energy
  • Baby could also begin hiccupping
 My Symptoms?
Overall, I don’t have much to complain about…besides the typical feeling tired and constantly
hungry.  I do notice I’m getting out of breath quicker and my back feels tired at the end of
the day, which I can attribute to lifting and chasing after Charlotte. She’s probably going to be
walking in the next month-ish so that’ll be interesting keeping up with her when I’m 30+ weeks
I’ve still be able to take Pure Barre Classes 2-3x a week, which is always feels SO great. I am
having to heavily modify abdominal work and obviously do plank and push-ups from my knees.
But besides that, I can go through arms, thighs, and seat with no problem!
I’m just thankful I can still get a good workout in.  The last month I have really
missed running, especially since I was just getting back into it after the last pregnancy. I plan on
taking classes as long as I can and of course listening to my doctor if he says I need to stop. And
of course I’m still taking the dog on walks- I’m sure they are slower than she would like but it’s
better than nothing! 🙂
We are in the process of getting that organized. I have some wonderful friends that have
donated tons of boy clothes to us, so the little man’s closet is filling up quick!
The theme for our nursery is Vintage Sports. (Not shocking, if you know my husband).
I found some really cute prints from Etsy and can’t
wait to hang them up!
vintage sports
Cute, right?
We still need to find a changing table, changing pad, and some other little décor things for the
nursery. I’m going to try to get away with not buying a dresser and using some bins in the closet
for socks, hats, pants, and pajamas. Hopefully that works! 🙂
If you are currently pregnant or have a kid, what was your nursery theme?
Have a great Thursday!!