At-Home Prenatal Exercise

Hey all!

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend! We had a long weekend over here since my hubby had Monday off from work, yay! It’s always nice to get that extra day with him and I know he enjoys the extra time with Charlotte too. We hung out at home and relaxed for the most part, which was much needed.

We did accomplish one thing this weekend though……we finished watching “Making a Murderer.” EVERYONE was talking about this so of course we had to tune in. I don’t want to say much about it so I don’t give anything away, but if you have Netflix you should tune in. We were hooked!



We also spontaneously went out to dinner together one night since we both didn’t feel like cooking or thinking up what to get from the store.

There is a small Tex-Mex restaurant super close to home that we’ve actually never been to yet, so I’m glad we finally tried it out. We’ll be back! Kid Friendly, Good Food, TV’s, and the hubby thoroughly enjoyed his Margarita. I’ll get to try one this summer. 🙂



Charlotte had a good time too! 🙂


Now that I am 22 weeks along, I can definitely feel my energy is back to normal. Hooray! This means I can be more consistant about my workout routine each week.  I never fully feel like myself if I can’t get in some sort of workout.

I just finished a continuing education course for my Stroller Strides instructor Certification on Exercise during Pregnancy, and it continued to highlight how important it is to stay active. (of course, you always need to get approval from your doctor). In a nutshell, if there are no complications during your pregnancy there is no reason you should stop exercise. Actually you are encouraged to be active “most days of the week.” Love it! If you would like to review the ACOG guidelines, follow this link.

Each week I try to get in 4-5 workouts, which isn’t drastically different from my norm.  Lately I have been doing 2-3 days of a strength workout (either barre or something else) and 2 days of long walks (no more running for me, waaaaaa). Besides how great of a workout Pure Barre is, I also really like being able to get out of the house and focus on just me for an hour. Of course things come up, so I can’t always make it to the studio. So I need to have some at home options.

I used both of these DVD’s last year when I was pregnant and really enjoyed them.

The Slim and Toned DVD was great for arms and thighs and Suzanne does a great job slowing the workout down and gives lots of explanations throughout.


One of the reasons I really like the Tracy Anderson DVD’s is that there is a new workout for each month, so it doesn’t get boring. Her moves are similar to Pilates and Barre type exercise so it’s also a great low impact workout.

She does do A LOT of seat work and if that isn’t your jam then you may not like the DVD’s. My favorite part of her workouts are the arm segments.


And that’s all I have here, thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite prenatal workouts?

Do you prefer to workout at home or in a gym/studio?

Please Share in the Comments Below!


12 thoughts on “At-Home Prenatal Exercise

  1. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    Making a Murder-omg! Crazy. I thought there were obvious issues with the investigation and totally reasonable doubt but I honestly still wasn’t sure if he actually did it or not. Is that crazy?

    I love the Suzanne Bowen DVD. I’ve never done the Tracy Anderson DVD though. Mostly because I had some issues with some of the stuff she has said in the past so I’ve always stayed away but pilates and barre are totally my jam!

    1. MarielleBurch Post author

      Yea Tracy Anderson for sure makes some odd claims and doesn’t necessarily have an exercise science background, I just tune that stuff out 🙂
      She does have some fun arm and seat sequences!

      1. lexilife

        Me and my boyfriend did the same, but it can be regretful starting a series with another person as the temptation to keep watching on your own gets bigger!! x

  2. Patricia @ sweetandstrongblog

    Everyone is talking about making a murderer. I really need to start watching it since everyone says how good it is. I know one day my husband and I will be ready to try to get pregnant and not being able to stick to a normal workout routine definitely worries me, so it’s encouraging to hear you have found so many ways to stay active. I prefer to workout at home. I get a bit nervous and anxious sometimes at the gym.

    1. MarielleBurch Post author

      Yea you definitely have to plan your workouts more when you have a little one at home but you can make it work! 😉
      Enjoy binge watching making a murderer, ha!

  3. theposhbody

    I do a 20 minute morning yoga workout every morning. I never want to get out of bed to do it, but I’m always happy I did 🙂


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