Pregnancy #2 Update

Hey Hey!

So this is kind of funny……I had written a ‘pregnancy announcement’ blog post last month and forgot to actually post it. Haha! We announced my pregnancy on social media but looks like I neglected the blog. Oopsie!!

So….let’s play catch up real quick!

  • We found out I was pregnant in September (Surprise!)
  • Charlotte was almost 7 months at the time (cue panic realizing they will be 14 1/2 months apart)
  • We decided to do an early blood test to find out the gender at 11 weeks……
  • And we found out we are having a….BOY!


So today I am just about 21 weeks. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! Considering our experience with Declan, we are both feeling pretty optimistic and excited. Of course there is some anxiousness and worry after going through what we did last time, but it’s comforting that my doctor is confident and everything has been right on track.

Physically where am I at?

Definitely growing and way bigger than I was last time…which is funny considering I was carrying twins last pregnancy.

Once I got out of the 1st trimester, I haven’t had many complaints besides being tired and constantly hungry. Sleep has been better now since Charlotte is sleeping steadily through the night (6 nights in a row, woo hoo!)

I’m trying to take Pure Barre classes 2x a week and go on daily walks with the dog and stroller in tow. I was jogging up until a couple weeks ago, but stopped because I was just feeling heavy. So no more running for me for a little while! I’ll try to post a few more pregnancy updates as we go along!

Hey look, it’s Charlotte- the Smallest Big Sister ever. Ha!



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 Update

  1. Lori and Steve King from Broomfield CO

    Marielle, we keep all of you in our prayers…. The best to all. Charlotte is adorable but she came from great stock…..


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