On To….. 2016

I am happy to finally say that it is officially 2016!

2015 was such a mixed & ridiculous year for us that I have been so anxious to just get through this year. With moving to a new state, buying a new house, quitting my job, having a baby, losing a baby, and finding out I’m pregnant again…well, it’s also been exhausting mentally and physically. But I feel ready for what 2016 has in store for us.

I also love the New Year as it always feels like a fresh start, no matter what. I have already re-organized my closet and brought out my new day planner, so I’m ready to go. Ha!


I wouldn’t say that I have any New Years “resolutions or goals” but 2016 Plans.

And most of my “plans” aren’t a big change from what I already strive for and have going on, but here is a quick list!

Prioritize My Alone Time

I am realizing the more active Charlotte gets, that this is becoming a struggle. But when I do get some alone time, it’s amazing how quickly I can feel rejuvenated. Going to a coffee shop, taking a Pure Barre class, blogging, reading a book, or even going to the grocery store alone is just glorious. (never thought I’d say that!)  Below is my current read, that I am whipping through already!



Explore New Ideas for Charlie

Thankfully, I have found a great network of moms and playgroups through my city and through stroller strides. My plan for this year is to do one activity with Charlotte everyday, whether it’s Gymboree, going to stroller strides class, or going to the library….I want to continue making it a “plan” to get out of the house once a day. And I’m excited that she is getting older and we can begin to do more activities!


Go on a Monthly Date Night

 As much as we love our little Charlie bug, it is refreshing to go out to dinner without the diaper bag in tow! We have a date night planned for dinner this Saturday for my birthday, yay! It’s also a nice change for me to get out of the yoga pants! 😉


Continue to Make Fitness a Priority

This goes along with my alone time, but if I can’t exercise I am a huge grump. My body and mind needs that stress release! I know it will be more of a juggling act come May with the little guy, but this is something that I have to fit into my life! And I still plan on teaching Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby classes…it’ll just be more of a juggling act with 2! 🙂

Do you have any 2016 Goals, Plans or Intentions- I’d love to hear yours, please share in the comments!


10 thoughts on “On To….. 2016

  1. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    I somehow totally missed that you are pregnant again!? Congrats!! That is amazing news! I definitely have a lot of goals for 2016 and I’m so jealous of all the awesome things you get to do with your little one in the US. I miss gymboree so much!

  2. Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

    You’re having another baby?? Congrats lady!! I had to read that sentence a few times because I was like, wait what?! I love that you’re exploring new mommy/daughter ideas. I think that if I was a stay at home mom, I’d definitely want to be really active with my kiddos to keep both myself and them entertained.

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