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Marielle’s Musings

You know when have a long list of “To-Do’s” and finally have time to tackle them? And then you do nothing of the sorts? Yea that was me¬†today and right now. I always plan to go through my to-do-list when Charlotte naps, but sometimes I find myself just doing nothing. (I.e. scrolling through Instagram)

But I digress….today I’m sharing my random thoughts of the week with you sweet blogger friends.

{Beware, this post is all over the place}. ūüôā

I Don’t Like Almond Milk

I¬†finally admitted this to my husband the other night and his response was “yeah of course, it’s gross.” Lol.¬†I like adding in something simple and healthy into my diet on the regular. I’ve gone back and forth with almond milk and kept trying to tell myself that “it tastes just like regular milk.” Ya, it doesn’t.

Babies Require A Lot of Stuff

It’s like I’m taking¬†Charlotte on a two day vacation when we go on a playdate and then to the grocery store. My goodness. Teething toys, paci’s, a blanket, a bottle, extra diapers, wipes, & an extra outfit. No wonder it takes me so long to get myself and her ready to go somewhere.



I’m Ready for Spring

I think I say this every winter, but living in LA definitely spoiled me. I can handle cold weather for a couple weeks, but now I’m ready for wearing flip flops shorts and bright colors again. Meh, I think I have a little ways to go. Granted Texas is known for having bipolar weather, so I’m sure we’ll get some random 70 degrees days coming up soon. At least I hope so!

I’m A Slow Reader

I’ve been reading the same book now for a little over a month. It’s not the book’s fault I’m reading so slow, it’s me. By the time I’m at the point in my day when I can sit or lay in silence,¬†it’s 9pm. That’s dangerously close to my bedtime. I think I’m averaging like 4 pages a night. I hope to finish the book sometime before summer. Ha.

Planning a 1st Birthday Party is So Fun

And overwhelming.

Who knew so much can go into a first birthday¬†celebration? The party theme,¬†photo albums, guest books, goodie bags etc. Now don’t let me fool you, mine won’t be that extravagant, but I will incorporate some cute decorations for the little princess.

Here’s some things I’ve been perusing on Pinterest and Etsy.



Cute, right?

Those are my random thoughts for the day, thanks for following along!

Do you follow at To-Do List?

Do you have any random thoughts/opinions this week?


At-Home Prenatal Exercise

Hey all!

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend! We had a long weekend over here since my hubby had Monday off from work, yay! It’s always nice to get that extra day with him and I know he enjoys the extra time with Charlotte too. We hung out at home and relaxed for the most part, which was much needed.

We did accomplish one thing this weekend though……we finished watching “Making a Murderer.” EVERYONE was talking about this so of course we had to tune in. I don’t want to say much about it so I don’t give anything away, but if you have Netflix you should tune in. We were hooked!



We also spontaneously¬†went out to dinner together one night since we both didn’t feel like cooking or thinking up what to get¬†from the store.

There is a small Tex-Mex restaurant super close to home that we’ve actually never been to yet, so I’m glad we finally tried it out. We’ll be back! Kid Friendly, Good Food, TV’s, and the hubby thoroughly enjoyed his Margarita. I’ll get to try one this summer. ūüôā



Charlotte had a good time too! ūüôā


Now that I am 22 weeks along, I can definitely feel my energy is back to normal. Hooray!¬†This means¬†I can be more consistant about my workout routine each week.¬† I never fully feel like myself if I can’t get in some sort of workout.

I just finished a continuing education course for my Stroller Strides instructor¬†Certification on Exercise¬†during Pregnancy, and it continued to highlight how important it is to stay active. (of course, you always need to get approval from your doctor). In a nutshell, if there are no complications during your pregnancy there is no reason you should stop exercise. Actually you are encouraged to be active “most days of the week.” Love it! If you would like to review the ACOG guidelines, follow this link.

Each week I try to get in 4-5 workouts, which isn’t drastically different from my norm.¬† Lately I have been doing 2-3 days of a strength workout (either barre or something else) and 2 days of long walks (no more running for me, waaaaaa). Besides how great of a workout Pure Barre is, I also really like being able to get out of the house and focus on just me for an hour. Of course things come up, so I can’t always make it to the studio. So I need to have some at home options.

I used both of these DVD’s last year when I was pregnant and really enjoyed them.

The Slim and Toned DVD was great for arms and thighs and Suzanne does a great job slowing the workout down and gives lots of explanations throughout.


One of the reasons I really like the Tracy Anderson DVD’s is that there is a new workout for each month, so it doesn’t get boring. Her moves are similar to Pilates and Barre type exercise so it’s also a¬†great low impact workout.

She does do¬†A LOT¬†of seat work and if that isn’t your jam then you may not like the DVD’s. My favorite part of her workouts are the arm segments.


And that’s all I have here, thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite prenatal workouts?

Do you prefer to workout at home or in a gym/studio?

Please Share in the Comments Below!

Pregnancy #2 Update

Hey Hey!

So this is kind of funny……I had written a ‘pregnancy announcement’ blog post last month and forgot to actually post it. Haha! We announced my pregnancy on social media but looks like I neglected the blog. Oopsie!!

So….let’s play catch up real quick!

  • We found out I was pregnant in September (Surprise!)
  • Charlotte was almost 7 months at the time (cue¬†panic realizing they will be 14 1/2 months apart)
  • We decided to do an early blood test to find out the gender at 11 weeks……
  • And we found out we are having a….BOY!


So today I am just about 21 weeks. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! Considering our experience with Declan, we are both feeling pretty optimistic and excited. Of course there is some anxiousness and worry after going through what we did last time, but it’s comforting that my doctor is confident and everything has been right¬†on track.

Physically where am I at?

Definitely growing and way bigger than I was last time…which is funny considering I was carrying twins last pregnancy.

Once I got out of the 1st trimester, I haven’t had many complaints besides being tired and constantly hungry. Sleep has been better now since Charlotte is sleeping steadily through the night (6 nights in a row, woo hoo!)

I’m trying to take Pure Barre classes 2x a week and go on daily walks with the dog and stroller in tow. I was jogging up until a couple weeks ago, but stopped because I was just feeling heavy. So no more running for me for a little while! I’ll try to post a few more pregnancy updates as we go along!

Hey look, it’s Charlotte- the¬†Smallest Big Sister ever. Ha!


On To….. 2016

I am happy to finally say that it is officially 2016!

2015 was such a mixed & ridiculous year for us that I have been so anxious to just get through this year. With moving to a new state, buying a new house, quitting my job, having a baby, losing a baby, and finding out I’m pregnant again…well, it’s also been exhausting mentally and physically. But I feel ready for what 2016 has in store for us.

I also love the New Year as it always feels like a fresh start, no matter what. I have already re-organized my closet and brought out my new day planner, so I’m ready to go. Ha!


I wouldn’t say that I have any New Years “resolutions or goals” but 2016 Plans.

And most of my “plans” aren’t a big change from what I already strive for and have going on, but here is a quick list!

Prioritize My Alone Time

I am realizing the more active Charlotte gets, that this is becoming a struggle. But when I do get some alone time, it’s amazing¬†how quickly I can feel rejuvenated. Going to a coffee¬†shop,¬†taking a Pure Barre class, blogging, reading a book, or even¬†going to¬†the grocery store alone is just glorious. (never thought I’d say that!)¬†¬†Below is my current read, that I am whipping through already!



Explore New Ideas for Charlie

Thankfully, I have found a great network of moms and playgroups through my city and through stroller strides. My plan for this year is to do one activity with Charlotte everyday, whether it’s Gymboree, going to stroller strides class, or going to the library….I want to continue making it a “plan” to get out of the house once a day. And I’m excited that she is getting older and we can begin to do more activities!


Go on a Monthly Date Night

¬†As much as we love our little Charlie bug, it is refreshing to go out to dinner without the diaper bag in tow! We have a date night planned for dinner this Saturday for my birthday, yay! It’s also a nice change for me to get out of the yoga pants! ūüėČ


Continue to Make Fitness a Priority

This goes along with my alone time, but if I can’t exercise I am a huge grump. My body and mind needs that stress release! I know it will be more of a juggling act come May with the little guy, but this is something that I have to fit into my life! And I still plan on teaching Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby classes…it’ll just be more of a juggling act with 2! ūüôā

Do you have any 2016 Goals, Plans or Intentions- I’d love to hear yours, please share in the comments!