Thoughts on Being a SAHM

Merry almost Christmas everyone! I hope you are all finished with all your shopping and have safe travels wherever you are going. We are staying here and I’m thankful we don’t have to run around an airport with Charlotte!


Well, it’s almost been one year as a stay-at-home-mom for me (I can’t believe it….it really does go by fast). Staying at home has always been something our family wanted to do, but it does require some adjustments if you are used to being out of the house for 8+ hours everyday. Below are some of my thoughts and tips one year in!


 Make A Schedule

Once you think you have a solid routine down, it’ll change but having a tentative schedule everyday helps to prioritize my time.  Everyday we either go to Stroller Strides class, Gymboree or a local play group meet-up. I usually try to get home for the little one’s afternoon/lunchtime nap so I can get some things done around the house or squeeze in one of my reality shows 🙂 I do need to work on my blogging schedule as that has been all over the place!

Make Time for Yourself

Even if it is for 30 minutes, do it. Some things I like to do are sit down at Starbucks and slowly drink a vanilla latte, read a book, go on a run, take a barre class, or even just walk around Trader Joe’s by myself. And usually by the time I’m headed home, I miss the little one!

Find a Mommy Group

I’m still amazed at how many opportunites are out there for stay at home moms- local mom’s clubs, baby play groups, story time at the library, and organizations like FIt4Mom. First of all, it gets you out of the house AND you will meet other moms going through the same thing. I’ve made so many friends since joining these groups and that is helpful for keeping you sane!


Go on Date Nights

Having a few hours of adult conversation and not having to worry about the baby is so necessary. We try to shoot for once a month!

Any tips other SAHM’s want to share?

Happy Holidays Blog Friends!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a SAHM

  1. Jen@jpabstfitness

    When my first two kids were born, I went back to work right away, after #3 was born, I started as a full time stay at home mom- that “baby” will be 8 in February and then I have a 20 month old bringing up the caboose. Having a routine and schedule is key and having ME time is also the biggest key to my sanity. I used to use nap time as a time to get dishes, laundry and other house cleaning done, but now that I’m back to having a toddler to chase around all morning, her naptime is sacred. I blog, watch TV, eat lunch and generally do nothing.

  2. Lori king

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I was just thinking it has almost been 1 year since she was born. She is adorable…. I am glad your mom and Rick are joining you for the holidays. Have a great time….

    Colorado Kings


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