Recovering after a C-section

Well we are a little over a week out with the babe at home and I must say I’m not AS tired as I thought I’d be (knocking on wood right now). Somehow my body is getting used to sleeping in 2 1/2 hour chunks throughout the day. Never thought I’d say that!

Here’s some pics from the past week…….

mechar Snuggles on the couch are the best!


We ventured out a whole mile from our house for coffee over the weekend. Char slept the entire time, score!


The baby model pose.


My Easter Basket this year couldn’t get any cuter. 🙂


Onto how I’m recovering physically from my C-Section….

I must say the first week REALLY sucked. I hurt every time I coughed, laughed or sneezed. Getting out of a non-hospital bed was a struggle and I walked like a hunchback. I don’t understand people who say “I felt fine 2 days after.” Umm what? That was not the case for me!

Right now I’m just over 3 weeks out and I feel really good. I don’t think about or notice my incision much at all.  I’m at the point where I’m out of the initial pain stage, but my scar isn’t super strong yet so I still need to take it easy. I hate this part. 😦 But in a few more weeks I’ll be getting back into a “normal” exercise routine, so it’s not too far away!

So what does a C-Section entail?

There are two incisions involved in a C-section- one in the abdominals and one in the uterus. After the baby is removed, the uterine cut is repaired with stiches that dissolve under the skin. The abdominal skin is also closed with stiches or staples. Eek. I hope you weren’t eating your breakfast while reading this part….guess I should have put up a disclaimer!

For me, the actual procedure was easy and happened so fast.  It also helped having my husband sitting next to me talking the entire time. The longest part is the prep leading up to the actual surgery. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure, no pressure- nothing.

Below are 3 Exercises that have helped me in the Early Stages of Recovery:

Walk, Walk, Walk!  My doctor said I can walk all I want, just as long as I don’t feel like I’m straining or if I feel pain in my incision. I have been religiously walking once or sometimes twice a day. Besides it being beneficial physically, it is also helpful mentally being able to get out of the house! My doctor wanted me up and walking ASAP after surgery, but make sure you always follow your doctors specific orders.

*The next two exercises I began performing when I was about a week out and my pain had lessened. Remember to never push yourself if you are experiencing more discomfort, these should be completely pain free*

Abdominal Draws This exercise helps to activate your deep core muscles, which is the foundation of core work. Abdominal draws can be performed in supine (on your back), standing or sitting. To perform, pull your belly in towards your spine like you are zipping up a tight pair of pants. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat 10x. Make sure you can breath regularly and carry on a normal conversation. If not, you are pulling in too hard and not using the correct muscles. Practice this when you are lifting the baby or doing laundry at home so it becomes a habit.


Scapular Squeezes

I always heard how posture was such a big deal pre and post pregnancy and now I understand first hand! It is impossible to not be forced into a forward posture position the majority of your day~ whether you are holding your baby, lifting your baby, nursing, and pumping along with other household chores.

I have definitely noticed some increased back discomfort for all of these reasons. The scapular squeeze is another muscle activation/awareness exercise that can be performed in seated or standing. To perform this exercise, simply relax your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you were going to squeeze a pencil in between them. Do not squeeze as hard as you can, you just want to feel the muscles activate.


I follow up with my doctor in another two weeks, then I should be released back to normal exercise. I can’t wait. I know it’s going to take me awhile to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy but I’m ready to tackle that challenge. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! ~M

 Have you had a C-section?

Any tips you’d share?


11 thoughts on “Recovering after a C-section

  1. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    Glad you are starting to feel better. C-section recovery is tough. You definitely have the right idea with the exercises you have been doing. I found getting back into exercise to be tough. I started with light arm exercises and then eventually did some barre3 postnatal online classes and some postnatal yoga. I then progressed to regular barre classes and yoga classes and went from there. You’ll be back at it soon! Charlotte is so adorable!

  2. Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Great tips, but take it easy, Marielle! I think walking is a great way to move around a bit and loosen up — but also very gentle on the body. And you have gone through so much, so you don’t need to rush to get back to exercise just yet.

    Yes, Charlotte in the Easter basket? Oh my goodness, I can’t. So cute!! 🙂

    1. fitgirlprettyworld Post author

      Thanks Ashley! Yep I’ve been reminding myself to let my body rest and to ease into working out again once I’m officially released to do so 🙂 Yep that was her in the Easter basket, lol! Have a great day!

  3. Jen@jpabstfitness

    I have had 4 csections. The first was the hardest, but the 4th? Easiest of them all, by the time we came home from the hospital, it felt like 3 weeks had passed instead of 3 days!!

  4. Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

    I love the Easter basket photo – too precious! I was actually JUST talking to my mom about C-section recovery earlier today because my sister-in-law just had a baby. She was saying how painful it is in the first few weeks just to sit up and get out of bed. It sounds so tough, but by now you should be done with the hardest part. Hang in there and enjoy being with your little girl!

  5. jessielovestorun

    I still remember the first day post c-section. Oh heavens – the pain was unbearable. I really thought I was going to die. Ha! One of the biggest tips I have for recovering from C-section is walking like you said. I honestly believe that is what helped me require so quickly. Well that & the fact that Joshua and I’d have to make a few trips a day back to the hospital once we were discharged to visit & feed Jenna since she wasn’t able to come home with Jailyn.


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