Recent Pinterest Finds

Happy Wednesday All!

Today is a very exciting day……

My Pure Barre studio is hosting a “bring on the men” class tonight AND my hubby is actually joining me! HA! (side note: the man has never done yoga or pilates, so this will be completely new for him!)

It only took 2 years of me bugging him about it.  Another couple (and one of hubby’s best friends) is attending class too, so I think that helped to convince him. 🙂 For one, I always enjoy working out with husband and two, I want him to have a better appreciation of barre classes and maybe he’ll gain an insight into my slight obsession with them. I’ll be sure to share about the experience!

pure barre


source, source


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what I’ve been loving on Pinterest. This is still my favorite ‘social media’ site and I constantly get lost on it for hours…..ooops.

(All images are taken from my Pinterest page)







blairsunday swimsuit


Do you love Pinterest as much as I do?

Has your significant other joined you in one of your exercises classes before?


Later Friends! ~Marielle


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