9 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Happy Friiiday!

Any exciting plans this weekend? Hubby and I have lots of dinner dates with friends this weekend (tonight, Saturday and Sunday). We’re getting all of that in before we are more housebound with the babies! And speaking of babies, today I’m officially at 30 weeks. OMG, time is flying by! (I’ll post a weekly update soon, I’ve been slacking on that)

Since I’ve made it through a big chunk with the pregnancy, I wanted to share some of my must have products for all of you expecting ladies out there!

Bump Nest Pillow

You may remember this post from a few months ago. The pillow was an immediate hit with the entire household! Paisley and hubby both thought the pillow was for them….and still do.  It’s so comfy, I will probably keep using it after the babies are here.



Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

I’m not a huge fan of swallowing pills, so when I saw that there were prenatal gummy vitamins, I was sold. The taste is very mild so it’s no biggie taking them daily.



Bella Band

 This prolonged how long I could wear regular jeans and work pants. Just leave your pants unbuttoned and put the bella band over it. Easy!


Yoga Pants

This has been my staple wardrobe as of late and probably will continue that way when the babies arrive.  Of course lately, I’ve been having to roll them down a bit to make room for the belly, but they are just as comfy.  I’m going to treat myself to one new pair as a “good job on making it through a twin pregnancy” present, lol! I’ve been eyeing this pair of Zella pants for awhile now. Perfect for Spring, don’t you think?


Ben and Jerry’s

Yep I went there. My go-to has been the Half Baked Frozen Yogurt. It makes me feel less guilty since it’s fro-yo. Yummy!


Maternity Leggings

Since I was pregnant during the winter, these were a big staple in my wardrobe. My mom bought me a pair from Nordy’s and I’ve been pleased with them. They were perfect to wear with boots.


Belly Lotions

I’ve used a variety of these lotions and I must say they are all working their magic so far. I started using a cream morning and night once I found out I was pregnant.


 Long Tank Tops

They don’t necessarily need to be maternity, I have a mix of both and wear them everyday. Great for layering, comfy, and long enough you don’t need to worry about them creeping up! Target has a ton of inexpensive options.


A Prenatal Workout DVD

Whatever your workout of choice is, they will surely have a prenatal option for you! I loved my Suzanne Bowen Barre DVD and Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD’s to mix in with my regular workouts.  Both of these DVD’s have great arm sections btw.



And there you have it folks!

What are/were your pregnancy must-haves?

Anything else you would recommend?

Have a great weekend lovelies! ~Marielle


8 thoughts on “9 Pregnancy Must-Haves

  1. Jessica

    I’ll have to remember these things when the day comes for me…long way off!!! Love those leggings, fun color! And LOL to the ice cream….Mmmmmm!!!!!

  2. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    Yes to so many of these things. I ended up throwing out my pregnancy pillow because it took up too much space but it was good while it lasted. I took those same vitamins at the end of my pregnancy! I also loved my prenatal DVDs, especially the Suzanne Bowen DVD. Maternity leggings and yoga pants are a must. That was pretty much all I wore at the end.


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