My Recent Obsessions

Happy Wednesday!

The week is already flying by, geez.  I realized yesterday that I officially have 2 months max until the babies are here…omg! The farthest my doctor wants to take me is 38 weeks and right now I’m at 29 1/2, so it’s getting closer! I’m trying to enjoy my last couple months of quiet and calmness at home. 🙂

Today I wanted to share some random things that I have been enjoying lately!

Sweaty Bands


So these are awesome. I’m always on the lookout for headbands that are cute and stay on your head while working out, which isn’t that easy. A friend of mine recommended sweaty bands to me and I just love it….been wearing it almost everyday. The sparkles are super cute too!

Cadberry Mini Eggs


Every year the Easter candy seems to come earlier and earlier. I swear I almost eat an entire bag in one sitting, not good. And my grocery store conveniently located them right as you walk in, so I have to buy them. Ugh…the struggle!

Nursery Décor



The nursery is coming together, finally! I’m loving how it is turning out.

Pop Physique DVD’s

I miss my Pop Physique classes (they are only in California), so I stocked up on some DVD’s for when I’m housebound with the babies. Looking forward to getting back at it!

Cuddle Time with my girl

paisleyfaceJust look at that face. Awwww. She’s been extra snuggly with my lately, which I love. I know there will be some jealousy issues when the babies come since she’s used to being an only child, but we’ll work through it! For now, she is getting all of my attention 🙂

This Shirt



My husband texted this to me while I was napping. Lol, it is quite perfect for this pregnant lady!

I hope everyone is having a great first week of February! Talk to you all soon!

Anything in particular you are loving lately?

Are you a fan of Easter candy?


3 thoughts on “My Recent Obsessions

  1. Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Hi Marielle! YES, I love Easter candy. And I also love Pop Physique. I only went once, but it was such a good and strict workout, I’d love to get my hands on those DVDs. The babies are coming so soon!! Enjoy your quiet time and sleep until then. Right?


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