15 Minute Barre Booty Workout

Happy Friday Everyone!

I can’t believe it is basically February and Superbowl week already…yikes! We’ll be watching the game with a big group of friends, which means there will be a lot of food. Woo hoo! Good timing to be pregnant during the superbowl, ha!

I know workout time will be limited this weekend so I wanted to share a quick butt workout you can easily do at home. Below are links / instructions about form for the exercises.


Donkey Kicks

Plie Bridge (Turn toes out for Plie Position, this will help activate the booty)

Plie Bridge Knee Out Pulses (Hold bridge up and begin pulsing your knees away from your body a few inches…you will immediately feel this in the side of your hips)

Side lying Hip Raises

Pulsing Side-lying Hip Raise (Hold leg up and begin to pulse 1 inch up and down, make sure that if you are feeling this in your side and not your hip then you are raising your leg up too high)

Arabesque Lifts

Knee Out Pulses in Plie Squat  (scroll down to Bonus Burn section)

Fire Hydrants



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