A Spring Dream

Is it pathetic that I’m already getting really excited for Spring? I mean, I did say that I missed living somewhere that had seasons, but now that I have experienced winter for a couple months I am over it! Yep, LA officially spoiled me.


Ahh, I miss the beach! Waa.

But honestly, I can’t complain TOO much as we have had a couple 70 degrees days here in Dallas, so it’s not THAT bad. (This is what I keep trying to tell myself).

It also doesn’t help that stores are already advertising their spring lines…swim suits, pastels and shot dresses, what?!

Here are some things I’m crushing on for Spring!

Bright Tops



Yellow just screams Spring to me and I am all about comfort these days and this shirt fits the bill.

Swim Suits



I’m pretty sure I won’t be too jazzed about wearing a bikini right after the babies come, so I will probably invest in a cute one piece like this.

 Shirt Dresses



These are the best, they are comfy (are you sensing a theme here?) and make you look more dressed up than you sometimes feel. I’m pretty positive dresses like this will be my go-to when the little ones arrive and will hopefully make me feel somewhat presentable while living off minimal sleep!

 Everyday Sandals





Yep cute and comfy.

Are you dreaming about Spring as much as I am??

What are your Spring go-to staples?


12 thoughts on “A Spring Dream

  1. foodielovesfitness

    I definitely need some new cute sandals! Unfortunately most stores aren’t selling them now…even though it’s 60-80 degrees year round here, as you know. My mom always says that she would miss the seasons if she moved to Cali from the Northeast like I did, but to be honest I’m pretty good with it being nice out 320 days out of the year! 🙂


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