Gifties for the Boy

Alright you guys, we have 1 week left to finish Christmas shopping. Seriously every year it feels like the time just goes faster and faster! I’m just about finished with my shopping, but have a few more things to pick up when I’m out shopping tomorrow.

Today I wanted to share some last minute shopping inspiration for the man in your life from a few of my favorite stores.

The Beer Boot. I don’t thing you can go wrong with this. I found one for hubby at Target.


The next three  gifts can be found at JCrew.


If your man is anything like mine, he does not like to shop especially for something like Socks. But he always seems to appreciate it when I find him a nice pair! 🙂

shavesetA fancy Shaving Set.  I don’t even now the last time my husband updated anything to do with shaving….and as I type this I don’t even want to know!

beanieA Beanie. Now that we are no longer living in So Cal we can both wear some winter weather gear!

And the last two gifts can be found at Nordstrom.


Slippers. These look so cozy I even want a pair!


Nike Dri-Fit Shirt. These seem to last forever, aren’t too pricey, and my husband loves them.

Well there ya go. Hope that gives you some shopping inspiration as we go into the last weekend before Christmas. Eek!

I hope everyone as a wonderful, fun, and relaxing holiday! Love, us!



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