Pre-Natal Arm Blaster Workout

Happy Monday All! Today I wanted to share a new Prenatal Workout honing in on the arms. This is an area we can easily focus on throughout pregnancy and will need that strength when we are carrying the baby (or babies in my case), diaper bags, and lifting car seats etc. I made sure this routine has some exercises focused on our posture muscles as these are important now as our bellies get bigger and after giving birth.

Disclaimer~ I am a CSCS, certified strength and conditioning specialist and am pursuing a pre/post natal exercise specialist certification. Before any exercise program, always get clearance from your MD. Throughout this workout you never want to breath too hard that you are unable to speak. If you feel dizzy or light headed stop and take a break. prenatalarms1

Perform each exercise for 1 minute and if you are feeling great, repeat the workout a second time through.  I used 3-4# weights during the routine. Always modify planks or push ups onto your knees, the edge of the couch, or at a wall. Do not let your back arch!

Exercise Demos/Images:

Straight Arm Plank

Army Crawlers

Triceps Dips

Arm Circles

Bent Over Rows

Scaption Arm Raises

Shoulder Punches

Serving Trays

Triceps Push ups

Front Arm Raises

Thanks for stopping by and we will talk soon! ~M

What are your favorite exercises to do for your arms? 


7 thoughts on “Pre-Natal Arm Blaster Workout

  1. jessielovestorun

    If I wasn’t 32 weeks pregnant with twins & only allowed to go on brief walks, I’d be all over this workout. Unfortunately it’ll have to wait until post pregnancy. Thanks for sharing though. It looks like a good one.

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!


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