Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Happy Friday Friends! I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just discovered Polyvore! I
just spent my morning making a collage full of holiday gifties for the ladies. I could
easily get lost on this site for hours. No joke.
I’m sure my technique with this site will get a little better in time,
but I wanted to share my first creation with you anyways!
Christmas WishList
Kendra Scott earrings are so classy and go with everything!! I have some turquoise ones
and get compliments on them almost every time I wear them!
Jcrew Pajama Sets look so comfy and adorable. I have never owned an actual pajama set,
usually just wear a t-shirt and comfy pants so I thought these would be a fun change!
New Boots. Sad to say my favorite pair of boots (that I’ve had for 5 years) are about
dead. I search all over for them online, but they are no longer being made. WAA. So I’m
beginning the slow search for a new pair.
Sleeping Mask. My dog has partially chewed mine, so needless to say it is not in tip top
Anthropologie Candles are seriously to best and smell amazing. I’m obsessed. I can’t
wait to buy one for our new home!
Wall Art. I seriously cannot wait to decorate our house and one of the first things I want
to do is buy some more printed pics for the bathroom, living room, and the nursery.

Wide boots

Capri blue candle

Sleeping Lambie Eyes Sleep Mask
This weekend the hubby and I are getting together with some friends we haven’t seen
yet since we have been in town. WIll be so great to catch up with them and know we can
get together more often now that we live here.
I’m taking today off from working out and tomorrow plan on taking the dog on a walk, so
this weekend should be relaxing mentally and physically! Maybe I’ll start watching some
Christmas movies. Hmm, that sounds like a plan! 🙂
What are you up to this weekend?
What’s on your Christmas Wish List? 

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