20 Minute Pre-Natal Workout

Happy Monday Friends!

I’m excited to share my first Pre-natal workout! Since being pregnant I have become more fascinated about what we can do to keep active during this exciting time, as well as afterwards.  Exercises can still be challenging, fun, and creative too!

I’ve immersed myself in researching prenatal exercise tips and guidelines and it’s so interesting to me! I’m finding this to be something I’m extremely passionate and I want to pursue a pre-post natal certification. I’ve heard about the Fit For Birth Certification from some other bloggers and I’m leaning towards this one. Unless any of you fine friends have other suggestions for me??

I’m beginning to be more aware of how important posture, core and leg strength is going to be when the babes are here. My daily activities are going to revolve around squatting, reaching and lifitng: (reaching down to pick up toys, bending over a crib and putting them in their car seats). Getting these habits set in place now will absolutely help down the road.

This first workout is focused on quad, glute, posterior shoulder and posture strength. I hope you enjoy!

To Expland on my Discalimer in the About Me section: I am a CSCS, certified strength and conditioning specialist and am pursuing a pre/post natal exercise specialist certification. Before any exercise program, always get clearance from your MD. Throughout this workout you never want to breath too hard that you are unable to speak. If you feel dizzy or light headed stop and take a break. 


Please see links for exercise pics.

Warm-up: High Knees- Brace abs, relax shoulders and lift knees up towards your chest. For added challenge add a shoulder press with the arms.

Plie Squats–  Feet are wider than hip width with toes pointing out slightly. Make sure knees are in line with your toes.

Bent Over Rows– 30 reps I used 5# wts.

Push-Ups- Can be performed on the floor, on the edge of the couch, or at a wall depending on your comfort.

Squat with Front Press– l used 4# weights.

Scapular Flys. I used 4# weights. Focus on pinching your shoulder blades together.

Posterior Lunges– Alternate legs, don’t let knee dip in or go past your toe.

Kneeling 45 degrees Arm Raises.  Don’t raise your arms above  shoulder height. Can perform standing or kneeling, if you need to rest your back. I used 4# weights.

Cat-Camel Stretch– 10x, pause at each direction

Look for my next post on my favorite Stretches during Pregnancy!

Thanks for stopping by! ~M


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