Photo Dump

I’m a little sad the weekend is overwith 😦 but it was great ‘falling back’ and getting that extra hour and lounging around a little longer yesterday morning.

 Here’s a quick life update in pictures. And yes, I finally took some pictures!


I have been a Real Housewives fan way before I moved to Los Angeles. I dorked out and got super excited when hubby said we should go eat here for dinner. The restaurant decor is super classy and it was so quiet inside, I loved the atmosphere.



No Jiggy sightings unfortunately.


Okay it’s been embarrassingly been over a month since I’ve been down to the sand (I know, woe is me). But I’m happy to report I biked down there and got some beach time in. 🙂


 Hubby and I woke up absurdly early on Saturday morning (6:15 to be exact, yikes). We wanted to beat the crowds and head up to Hollywood and hike Runyon Canyon. Everything in LA is always super crowded so I figured earlier would be better. And once we got home Paisley and I took a nap!


 A little overcast, but still an amazing view of the city.


 This picture makes me laugh. We tried about 5 times to get Paisley to look towards the camera. She obviously had other things on her mind apparently. Lol.


The sun finally came out on our way back down.

That’s all for now folks! I am working on a Prenatal Workout to share next week, so stay tuned….

What did you do with your extra hour this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump

  1. foodielovesfitness

    My dog usually refuses to look at the camera too! We always trick her in the name of a decent photo and say, “Hey look, here’s a treat!” and can catch her attention for 2 seconds. I hear ya, unfortunately I haven’t been to the beach in awhile either! I was hoping to get there last weekend but it didn’t happen. Maybe next weekend I’ll get my feet in the sand. And I used the extra hour on Sunday AM to get a yoga session in!


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