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14 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Soooo glad it is Friday! The first full week back to work after vacation is rough and seems so
long. Ugh. Luckily this weekend will be pretty chill so I’m looking forward to that! Let’s get
right into the pregnancy deets.  I’m going to try my best to keep up with these weekly
updates….,..I’ll be writing my posts for the previous week. (I’m currently in week 15, but today
I’ll review week 14).  And here we go!

Here’s what is going on with the babies this week: (all info. taken from the Baby Center Website). 

  • The babies are about 3 1/2 inches, weigh 1 1/2 ounces and the size of Lemons. 
  • Their livers are starting to make bile and the spleen is helping to produce red blood cells.
  • The hands and feet are more active, but I can’t feel any tiny punches or kicks yet. 

Weight gained: About 5-6 pounds overall. I honestly haven’t cared to know my specific numbers. The doctor weighs me every time and hasn’t told me my weight gain is too much or too little, so no need for me to get caught up on numbers. As long as I’m healthy and my weight gain is appropriate for the babies, then I’m happy.

Workouts: I got in 4 this week, yay! I went to 2 Pop Physique classes and took Paisley on some short runs (slow 2-3 miles). I always feel better after excising, so I’m thankful I can still do it comfortably.

Symptoms: Still feeling hungry every few hours and get pretty tired at the end of the day, but overall feeling great- no morning sickness thankfully!!

Food Aversions: Nothing yet!

Food Cravings: Kind of depends on the day, but consistently cheeseburgers, milk, cheerios, and chocolate. Now I’m hungry thinking about all of these foods!

Sleep: Pretty good overall. I wake up consistently once a night to pee, but can usually fall asleep quickly. I started using my Bump Pillow and it is so comfortable…I’ll probably use it after the babies come.  My husband and dog agree!




Baby Stuff Purchased: Ugh nothing specifically for the babies and it’s killing me. I’m trying to wait until we know the genders, then I’ll go on a little shopping spree! I have purchased some baby books so far:





That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by! ~M


Vacation Dreaming AND Lorna Jane Action Nation Day

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my last post about our baby news! We are getting excited and are about a month away from knowing the genders 🙂 In the next couple weeks I’ll write a post in more detail about how I’m feeling, my workouts, and just how life has been lately! 🙂

My mind is currently focused on our upcoming VACATION!! Oh man, I can’t wait. We’ve gone on a ton of little weekend trips lately, but this time we will be out of town for over a week and it’s definitely at the right time. Life has been pretty hectic lately and we will both be able to relax and have some down time. We are heading up to San Francisco then Napa for a week and we are bringing the pup too! 🙂



No wine drinking for me unfortunately 😦 but I’m sure we can find some other things to do to entertain ourselves. I’ll post a recap when we get back!

This part of the post is brought to you as a part of my ambassador program with Sweatpink on behalf of Lorna Jane.  All opinions are my own, as always!

I absolutely love hearing about companies that have more to them than just selling a product and making money. The more I’ve learned about Lorna Jane, the more I am drawn to the company and their mission.

On September 28th this year Lorna Jane organized events around the world to promote Active Nation!   This event was created in 2012 with the goal of inspiring women to live an active life. Check out what events are around your area!


On September 28th this year Lorna Jane has organized events around the world to promote Active Nation!  Check to see if there are any upcoming events near you! The event was held in Santa Monica this year and I’m bummed I couldn’t make it out. I followed Lorna Jane along on instagram that day and it looked like a fabulous event.

Also, check out the Lorna Jane App!! It allows you to track your workouts, get feedback on your activity, recipes, as well as daily inspirational quotes & mantras…..that’s my favorite part!




How do you maintain an active lifestyle? Any tips? Please share in the comments below!