Life Lessons from my Dog

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m sharing some life wisdom I’ve learned from Paisley.



Smile More


Never Stop Playing


Appreciate the Little Things- Lying in bed after a long day with my hubby and dog is the absolute best and I’m pretty sure Paisley feels the same way.


Let Your Loved Ones Know How You Feel 




Stop and Enjoy the Moment 


Don’t Forget to Practice Yoga- I believe this is her version of the downward dog…nice form, huh?  


Dress Up (yes we will get her a bigger jersey for next year)


What are some life lessons you’ve learned from your dog? 


Well, the half marathon training is going.  Last week I was only able to get in two runs- one 4 miler and one 7 miler. The 7 was a little slower than I’d like, but I’m just glad to get those miles in. I’m thinking of adding in some sprint and interval workouts and see if I can get my speed up a little bit.

What are your tips for increasing your running speed? Please share! 

Thanks for reading as always!! ~M






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