My Summer Loves

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy June! The weather was nicer than expected and I was able to get in some beach time with a girlfriend. So relaxing. I’m starting to get super excited for SUMMER. It is my absolute favorite season.  I love the long days, the urge to be outside and all the fun activities and trips this season brings. Here’s a short list of my summertime loves.

Outdoor Movies

The past two years we’e been in LA, we have gone to the EAT SEE HERE movie nights. Picnic blankets & food trucks…you can’t go wrong. Hubby and I are debating between seeing Sixteen Candles (my choice) and Super Troopers (his choice) coming up in July and August.

Road Trips

We already have a couple trips planned to San Diego. It’s a relatively easy drive (about 2 hours) and such a beautiful beach town. Can’t wait.

Wedding Season

I love weddings and all the events leading up to them. This year we have one to attend and it’s one of my best girl friends. I’m flying up to Seattle for the bachelorette party in a couple months and it will be so nice to spend time with my college girlfriends.

Beach Days

Yes I know I am spoiled. I try not to take it for granted. I will be spending many days here 🙂





Here’s a recap of my workouts last week:

Sunday- Hike with the hubby and puppy & Tone it Up Workout
Monday- Pop Physique Class
Tuesday- 4 mile Run
Wednesday- Day off
Thursday- 4 mile run
Friday- Day off
Saturday- 4 mile run

Next week the mileage ramps up a little bit. During the week I’ll be doing a 3 mile and a 4 mile run. On the weekend we will be doing a 7-miler, eek! I’m hoping to get that going relatively early so I don’t have to worry about the heat.

Random side note- but who has seen the trailer for this new Bravo show?? OMG it looks so good. It’s like the real housewives, but in London. Amazing.



What are your favorite things about Summer?


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