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My YogaWorks Classes

This was one of the first weekends this month that we have been in town so it was nice to take it easy and not do much. We did make the trek up to Malibu and it was a perfect day of sitting outside and sipping some wine.


I also spent lots of time lounging around with this girl.


I realized I haven’t updated lately on the half marathon training. Well, it’s definitely creeping up on us and is just over a month out…yikes! Today we ran 7 miles and will ramp up to 10 in the next 2 weeks. Today was a slow run for me, but I’m just happy to get the miles in and try not to worry about my pace so much. I’m shooting for running under a 10 min. mile so finishing under 2 hours 10 minutes would be great!


Disclosure: I received a free six-month trial of MyYogaWorks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to try out MyYogaWorks online yoga classes. It’s funny, I was thinking a few weeks ago that I need to get back on the yoga-train and received an email asking if I wanted to try out the online site! Must have been meant to be!

There are many times during the week that I don’t feel like driving to a yoga studio and dealing with parking, getting there earlier to get a spot, and doing a class that isn’t tailored to what I specifically want to do. Nothing beats the convenience of online classes, I can just pull up my ipad and get going.


The classes are broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I like this model because as I go on, I know I can switch things up and progress. I’m not extremely experienced with yoga so I have only done some beginner classes. They range from 5 min – 90 min which is super easy to squeeze into a busy day.

They also make it super-easy in the search function to choose the time you want, the purpose you want to focus on and the body parts you want to target.  There are 20 different categories so there is something for everyone. So far I have taken classes focusing on energizing, stress reduction, stretch, and calming. The instructors are very specific and the pace of each class was just right for me- not too fast, not too slow. They also show modifications for all the poses, which is especially helpful for me 🙂




I really like that there are different instructors throughout the site.  Some workout videos can get boring after listening to the same instructor and the same cueing over and over again.

The site also has a “Journey Series” that are a sequence of videos with a specific focus like yoga for runners (I need to try this one for sure), nap time yoga for moms, surfing and roadtrip yoga. Love it all!

The price is extremely reasonable, $15/month after a 14 day free trial. And you lucky blog readers can use this code: bloggermonth and receive a free one month trail! You can get started here. 

I’m pretty happy I have this subscription for 6 months so that I can try out everything this site has to offer….seriously it seems to have something for everyone!

The only complaint I have is that there isn’t any music playing in the background and I’m a music dependent exerciser. So I turned on my Pandora radio as I went through the workouts and that easily solved the problem.

 Have you tried online yoga classes? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading as always! 



Sneaking Exercise At Work

Those long days at the office sitting hours on end can take a toll on our pretty little bodies. I know after I sit for awhile, my body feels stiff and I get pretty antsy. This is why it’s tough for me to sit through a 3+ hour movie. 😉

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to take breaks every half an hour and take a spin or yoga class mid-day. But in reality, many people log in 7+ hours of sitting and only taking bathroom breaks. YIKES!



My philosophy has always been that doing something is better than nothing, so, here are my 4 favorite exercises you can sneak in at work!


Abdominal Squeezes With Leg Lift

Brace your abs as if someone is going to sock you in the stomach but you can breath normally. While maintaining the abdominal brace, march your legs up and down (alternating sides). As you lift, think of your abdominal as being in charge of the movement and you brace your abs more with each lift. Perform 20 lifts on each leg.

Shoulder Blade Squeezes

While sitting tall and shoulders are relaxed, bring your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. The motion is “IN and DOWN,” not up. Make sure your upper shoulders are relaxed. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds and repeat 30 times. This is a good reset for your posture muscles.

Triceps Dips 

Scoot your booty forward until it’s off your chair and hold onto your chair with your arms straight at your sides. If you are on a rolling chair, make sure you have a good grip on your chair before you begin. Slowly bend your elbows straight behind you and straighten. Repeat 20 repetitions.

Single Leg Squats

Every time you need to sit down or stand up, try doing so on one leg. Make sure you brace your hands on your desk top for support. Try getting in 20 on each leg throughout your day!

Are there any exercises you try to sneak in while at the office? 

Please share in the comments below! 

Choosing Happy

Hello All!

Man this week sure has gotten away from me. I was planning on being a little more active on the blog this week, but that obviously didn’t happen. But, head over to the Girls Gone Sporty Website and check out my newest travel workout. Perfect timing for the beginning of summer! 🙂



I can honestly say that choosing to be happy is a struggle at times. And I know there is no way that we can always be happy. We all have face setbacks, hardships, and things don’t always turn out as we planned, which can be frustrating. I wanted to share some personal insight I’ve reflected on recently.



Complaining about the negatives and feeling sorry for ourselves doesn’t change anything. I’m a huge advocate of looking for a positive, but needs a reminder at times. I’m a constant planner and worrier which keeps me from living in and enjoying the moment.

So, the next time I feel like complaining or worrying about something I’m going to remind myself to “choose happy” instead. And I hope you will try it too!



And with that, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

How do you choose to be happy? Please share in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading. ~M

Life Lessons from my Dog

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m sharing some life wisdom I’ve learned from Paisley.



Smile More


Never Stop Playing


Appreciate the Little Things- Lying in bed after a long day with my hubby and dog is the absolute best and I’m pretty sure Paisley feels the same way.


Let Your Loved Ones Know How You Feel 




Stop and Enjoy the Moment 


Don’t Forget to Practice Yoga- I believe this is her version of the downward dog…nice form, huh?  


Dress Up (yes we will get her a bigger jersey for next year)


What are some life lessons you’ve learned from your dog? 


Well, the half marathon training is going.  Last week I was only able to get in two runs- one 4 miler and one 7 miler. The 7 was a little slower than I’d like, but I’m just glad to get those miles in. I’m thinking of adding in some sprint and interval workouts and see if I can get my speed up a little bit.

What are your tips for increasing your running speed? Please share! 

Thanks for reading as always!! ~M





My Summer Loves

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy June! The weather was nicer than expected and I was able to get in some beach time with a girlfriend. So relaxing. I’m starting to get super excited for SUMMER. It is my absolute favorite season.  I love the long days, the urge to be outside and all the fun activities and trips this season brings. Here’s a short list of my summertime loves.

Outdoor Movies

The past two years we’e been in LA, we have gone to the EAT SEE HERE movie nights. Picnic blankets & food trucks…you can’t go wrong. Hubby and I are debating between seeing Sixteen Candles (my choice) and Super Troopers (his choice) coming up in July and August.

Road Trips

We already have a couple trips planned to San Diego. It’s a relatively easy drive (about 2 hours) and such a beautiful beach town. Can’t wait.

Wedding Season

I love weddings and all the events leading up to them. This year we have one to attend and it’s one of my best girl friends. I’m flying up to Seattle for the bachelorette party in a couple months and it will be so nice to spend time with my college girlfriends.

Beach Days

Yes I know I am spoiled. I try not to take it for granted. I will be spending many days here 🙂





Here’s a recap of my workouts last week:

Sunday- Hike with the hubby and puppy & Tone it Up Workout
Monday- Pop Physique Class
Tuesday- 4 mile Run
Wednesday- Day off
Thursday- 4 mile run
Friday- Day off
Saturday- 4 mile run

Next week the mileage ramps up a little bit. During the week I’ll be doing a 3 mile and a 4 mile run. On the weekend we will be doing a 7-miler, eek! I’m hoping to get that going relatively early so I don’t have to worry about the heat.

Random side note- but who has seen the trailer for this new Bravo show?? OMG it looks so good. It’s like the real housewives, but in London. Amazing.



What are your favorite things about Summer?