How to Fit Exercise into Your Schedule

I’ve been asked this question a lot recently so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to it.

There are so many things that get in the way of working out: work, family, a social life, and catching up on your favorite reality show. (one cheer for the housewives). Exercise is a priority for me so I always save time for it, but this is something that I constantly work at. Below are some of my tips!

You Don’t Need 1 Hour to Workout. There are many times when I only have a 15-30 minute window to exercise. And we can always spare 20 minutes of our day. Doing something is better than nothing. The fitness world knows how busy our lives are, so there are many sources for quick workouts. I’ve shared a few of my routines here. Squeeze in a workout wherever you are (in a hotel room, at home, at a park). Check out this article about the 7 Minute Workout!

Find Something You Like. This is a no brainer- if you hate running, you aren’t likely to do it. There are so many options so anyone can find their niche whether it biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, paddle boarding, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, barre, trx or cross fit classes. Be realistic about finding something you enjoy.

Schedule It. Plan ahead and put it in your calender. I like that a lot of the barre classes make you sign up for class before you attend, that way it’s already factored into my day. Remember it’s your body and it should be a priority.




How do you fit exercise into your weekly routine?  Please share in the comments below!

Happy Saturday to you all from us and Paisley!






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