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Pretty Things

As much as I am a fitness enthusiast, I am also a complete girly girl and love all things pretty (hence the name of my blog).

Today I wanted to share a few items and images that I’ve been crushing on lately.



Kate Spade can do no wrong in my opinion. I love her jewelry, purses, clothes, and shoes.



Tees with French or Italian sayings seem everywhere now. I actually own this shirt- it’s comfy and I like that I can dress it up or down.



I’m loving floral dresses for springtime, this one is so adorable and those pink shoes are too die for!



I’m trying to fancy up our current wall art situation. Etsy always has lots to choose from!



This picture reminds me of summer and inspires me to ride my bike when I can.



Another floral number for spring. Love!



I know we aren’t going to be living in LA forever, so I’m trying to take advantage of being near the ocean and to enjoy it.



Bright colors make me happy!



If only my bed looked like this every morning. I’ve had breakfast in bed once in my life while I was on vacation.

Thanks for stopping by! ~M

Share with me in the comments below anything that is inspiring you lately! 


What Workouts Should I Be Doing?

Fitness fads almost seem like fashion trends to me and something is either “in” or “out” each season. With this constant shift of new workouts coming and going, it can be a little overwhelming as to what you should be doing.



I love that fact that there is now so many options! Anyone can find something that suits them. I like to switch up my routine when I can, so I wanted to briefly review some current fit trends I’ve seen popping up lately, in hopes to inspire you all to try something new!

Cross Fit These gyms are everywhere and continue to expand. Currently just over 2,000 crossfits nationwide. They do a WOD (Workout of the Day) that involves combinations of body weight exercises, olympic lifts (power cleans) and plyometric jumps. In each WOD, they are either trying to complete as many repetitions as possible or a certain number of exercises as fast as you can.  Basically they involve short bursts of high intensity activity with rests in between.

Tabata Another high intensity type of workout, this involves alternating 20 seconds of intense effort with 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage and research shows it’s the best at improving your strength, speed, and endurance. You can use this same format with any type of exercise you like: dancing, running, biking, or weight training.

TRX  This workout utilizes Body weight suspension training . The idea is that it trains and challenges the entire body, not just one isolated muscle or joint. Even professional baseball players, UFC fighters and Olympic athletes use TRX training in their workout regime.

At-home workouts With the rise of healthy living bloggers (yay!) and our online obsession there is no reason to skip a workout. Sites like Tone It Up, Blogilates, Warrior Fit, and Physique 57  all have a huge library of workouts. And didn’t forget the Nike Club Training App straight from your phone!

My take: Do something! Doesn’t matter if it’s a workout class or just going on a hike. being active any way is the best way to help to keep your body (and mind) healthy, And do what fits into your goals. If you are not happy with how you feel after your workouts, then switch it up!

happy girl


I’m sure they are some more “trends” I haven’t named, so please share in the comments below!

What’s your take on fitness trends?

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An Easter Weekend

Since we don’t have any family close to us in California, every Easter we go out to brunch with our close friends (our LA family one could say!) This year we went to Fig in Santa Monica. The food was awesome and we ate so much! It’s almost 6pm and I’m still full, brunch was at 12:30, lol! 


After brunch we went out to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Such a perfect day.





017I hope everyone had a great Sunday and Easter!


Stair Workout

Hello Friends~ Hope everyone is having a fab weekend.  The weekend weather has been so perfect which always makes me happy.  Today hubby and I biked to Manhattan Beach and had some ice cream. Yummy. There were a ton of people out and about which means some good people watching.


Yesterday we did a stair climb!  The climb was at the AON Center in downtown LA- the 2nd tallest building in Los Angeles, over 850 feet tall and 63 stories.



I finished in a little over 15 minutes (15:35 I think was the exact time). I was pretty pleased since I didn’t train as much as I wanted to, but I had incorporated in stairs the last 3 weeks.




A clear day in LA- this vantage point is facing towards Hollywood.

I love stair workouts- they get your heart rate up quick and don’t take that long. Oh, and definitely tone up the booty and calves.

I know everyone’s access to stairs can be different so modify the workout if you have 50 steps to climb up or 5.

For this particular workout, I was running up about 30 steps.


*Feel free to repeat the workout if you are working with a small amount of steps.

For stretching- stretch the hamstrings, quads, and calves.



Have you done a stair climb before?