My Workouts This Week

I’ve been slacking a little bit on sharing my workouts with you guys! I love reading what other people are doing for workouts, so I’ll try to be better about posting my routine more regularly. 🙂

Although not much has significantly changed in what I’m doing…..(still running and taking barre or yoga classes when I can). I know it’s a good idea to switch up my workouts to keep my body guessing, but honestly most of the time I feel comfortable with what I’m doing and don’t want to branch out.

The at-home workouts are pretty tough when puppy is around, she tries to join in by jumping on me and I’m finding that to be a little counterproductive. So, I’m trying to squeeze those in before I pick her up from daycare. Such a little cutie.



Let’s rewind to last week:

Sunday: Pop Physique class. Phew. Kicks my butt every time. My legs were pretty much shot the rest of the day.


Aren’t these pants cute? Spotted them in the lobby after class. Loving the spring colors!

Monday: Mondays are the toughest days for me to get in a workout. I find myself just wanting to relax when I’m home from work and get myself back in work-mode for the week.

Tuesday: Paisley and I ran to Hermosa Beach, about a 4 mile run.

Wednesday: Mini-strength routine at home. I didn’t follow a specific routine (because I was half-watching tv with hubby)

I did 30 reps of dips, shoulder raises front & sides, bicep curls, and bent over rows. Also, 2 sets of 20 lunging scissor jumps.

Thursday-  Another run with miss Paisley. This time we did a fast 3 mile run plus some stairs.

Friday– Day Off! Went to happy hour with some girl friends.

Saturday– A slow 3 mile run. I actually didn’t want to work out at all today, no specific reason I just wasn’t that into it. But we are having friends over tonight and I didn’t want Paisley to be too annoying so I thought it was best to get her some exercise. 🙂

Side note, I really love The Tone it Up girls . They definitely have my dream job. Anyways, I printed off a couple of their workouts and plan on going through them this week.





Happy Weekend!!!

What did you do for workouts this week? 

~Thanks for reading~


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