Seattle Trip Recap

It’s funny how you can anticipate a trip for what seems like such a long time, and then POOF…it’s gone.

Whenever we head back to Seattle the agenda is jammed packed trying to squeeze in visiting family, friends and all of our favorite places.

We were only in town for 4 days, but I was still able to stop at a few of my Seattle favorite spots (and yes most of them revolve around food, don’t judge!)

First stop, Nordstroms Dowtown.



I’m so spoiled by this Nordstrom because all of the ones I’ve been to in California are so small! My mom and I did some damage there while hubby was having lunch with some friends. Love that place!

Ahh, next is the Matador!matador


Hubby and I used to live walking distance from here and we would go often (maybe a little too often). Yummy Tex-Mex food and awesome margaritas! I miss this place!



And then there’s the cupcakes! Another place I used to walk to a little too often. But I figure walking there cancels out the calories, right?



Tutta Bella. Best pizza ever, besides what I’ve had in Europe. Thin crust, non greasy, good cheese….yum, I can eat a whole pizza myself.

I slacked on taking pictures this trip, but here’s a couple of me and my friends.



Next we have Vegas in March with friends (yay!) and hopefully Dallas in May/June to see hubby’s family.

Now I can start planning for those….

Hope you have a great Monday!


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