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New Years Day Workout

Happy January 1st!! Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years eve and you all aren’t too hungover ūüôā Our night at home was quite lovely, and yes, we all made it to midnight! ¬†(well we woke Paisley up yelling the countdown…I’m sure she appreciated that)

I haven’t shared a new workout in awhile and think today is a great day to start that up again. With this workout all you need is a stopwatch, water, and some light weights (try 4-5#’s).

Perform each circuit 2x through.

And with the planks and push-ups always try some from your toes and lower down to your knees when you need to modify.


Enjoy sweating out your new years celebrations! 

What are you doing to celebrate the New Year?? Please share in the comments below!




Happy New Year

It’s the last night of 2013 you guys. Wow.

Tonight I plan on putting on some cozy pajamas and sipping on some Prosecco to ring in the new year. Yep I’m definitely not 22 anymore. But I’m okay with that. ¬†

I don’t think I filled you all in on our sunny Christmas here in LA. The weather couldn’t have¬†been more perfect (75 with a light breeze). ¬†After opening some of our prezzies, we grabbed some coffee and went on a walk along the beach. Of course I made Paisley get a little festive for the occasion.

Random side note: (Hubby wanted me to explain that he is not carrying a briefcase in the picture…it’s actually a shoulder pillow….he had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago and has to wear it, lol.)


So the big question is…….What are your New Years Resolutions?

I actually haven’t thought about my resolutions yet (I still have a few more hours left). But I did stumble upon this article (link below) that gave¬†me some inspiration to get started.

20 Things to Let Go Of Before The New Year

I’m so grateful for an amazing 2013 with lots of fun travel, some new friendships, a new job, and celebrating 3 years married to my hubby.

Cheers to a fabulous new years eve and start to the new year. And as always thanks for reading!





I’ll be back in 2014!