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For the Love Of Yoga

Helloooooo There!

I’ve talked and talked about how I WANTED to add yoga into my workout routine, but I honestly had a hard time following through. I had a talk with a friend a few weeks ago that told me she stopped running and has been focusing on yoga because it makes her feel strong, not hurting and sore.  This is so new to me as I’ve grown up always playing a sport so I’m used to the soreness, the burn etc.  While I still love my running and barre workouts, I’m finding that body has been craving my weekly yoga and it almost feels better than getting a massage, seriously!

I’ve been taking the drop in classes at Lululemon Sunday mornings the past month.  I’m digging the concentration aspect of yoga and the focus on your body and mind connection.

I’m so new to Yoga that I honestly didn’t realize there are 14 different types (according to Women’s Health Online), yikes!
Here are a couple helpful sites I found to be helpful that give the lowdown on various types of Yoga and which type might be the best for you.

The Yoga Journal

Women’s Health

Here’s some poses that I’m loving right now (All images taken from Google)Yoga5





Have you tried Yoga?

What are your favorite types and/or poses?