Moving On

Happy Friday Everyone!! And Happy Long Weekend too.

I can’t believe that it’s basically September already…..not sure where summer went??!

If you read my most recent post, you know all the changes that have been on with us this past month. (Maybe that’s why August flew by)

Getting a new job was a big deal for me and took a lot of time for me to make that decision. Without going into too much deal, I was at a crossroads knowing that this wasn’t the right place for me to grow in my career and I wasn’t as happy as I have been before with past jobs.

But at the same time I was struggling with that fact that I was fortunate to have a job and it was comfortable.

I ran across this quote on Pinterest awhile back and it always kind of “stuck” with me.


For some reason I had a hard time coming to my final decision because it was something I had to do on my own- no one could tell me what’s right or what’s wrong. I had to decide what was in the best interest for ME and not for anyone else.

In between jobs I’m taking a week off, which is going to be fabulous. There is still so much here in LA that I haven’t been able to explore, so I am hoping to get in some touristy stuff and relaxing too of course. 🙂



I’ll be back soon with a new workout to share!



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