Recent Happenings

I just realized I haven’t blogged since before I left for Seattle, woops!

Here’s some pictures to prove how busy I’ve been in my blogging absence 🙂

My trip back to Seattle was jam-packed- I did so much in the 3 days:  went to pike place market, went shopping downtown, spent time with friends and family, and ate a lot of food of course.







Of course the sun came out my last day in town! Figures! So happy I was able to visit, hoping to make another trip back late fall.


This weekend I checked out the Shape Magazine, “Shape up for Summer” event in Hermosa Beach.  I was browsing through last month’s issue and saw an ad for the event and was super excited that I could attend! Of course Jillian’s class was sold out by the time I signed up, but I was able to get into the “Burn & Firm” class taught by Andrea Orbeck- one of the trainers for the Victoria Secret Models.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor workout- a little overcast and about 60 degrees with a breeze.  We didn’t do much upper body exercises during the workout, so basically it was an entire hour of legs and butt- lots of lunges, squats, and plyometrics….I loved it BUT I’m having a difficult time moving around today.

I would have liked to try more classes- they also offered yoga and kickboxing- but everything was filled up by the time I signed up, so I’m lucky I got in!




Nothing beats sweating it out outside right in front of the ocean, it was a great way to start my weekend and it inspired me to write up a new Summer workout- I know I’ve been slacking on that- it’s in the works and I will be sharing one soon!

Have you ever done an outdoor workout class? What did you like or did not like about it??


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