How to get out of a Health Rut

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I’m super excited to share a guest post on today’s blog from Michelle Pino about how to get out of a health rut using inspiration boards. I have always been drawn to pictures or images for inspiration, so this topic is always something that interests me. This might explain why I have a slight obsession with Pinterest.  🙂 But enough about me, let’s get to her post:

Get Out of Health Ruts with Inspiration

It can be easy to fall into a health rut. When you’ve been unable to exercise or just can’t stop eating sweets, there’s something that you can do for yourself to motivate and get out of an unhealthy lifestyle. Creating an inspiration board is one of the easiest ways to keep your mind on the prize and start towards a better lifestyle. Whether you want to eat more organic food, start exercising daily or just master certain fitness goals, an inspiration board can help you figure out those goals and fine tune what makes you tick so that you stay focused on getting your health together.

1. Start with Visualization

Photos are the key to any inspiration board. With the right photos of fitness activities, health models, recipes, health food or fitness magazine tips, you can create the perfect inspiration board to motivate you towards working out, eating right, lifting weights or even running in a marathon. You can look for images with Google or even search through tags on Tumblr or Twitter. Print out photos to post on a corkboard or create a Pinterest board with your favorite images.

2. What Makes You Tick

Is there a common theme with your photos? Perhaps you really like finding images with exercise tips or images with recipes. This is your anchor and something that you can build your inspiration board around. One of these images will stand out as the best or something that really gets a response from you, place this photo at the center of your board and look for images that correlate to it.

3. Replace or Update Your Inspiration Board

You don’t want your inspiration board to get stale. It’s important to look at your goals as evolving. If you started wanting to eat right but developed taste for certain recipes, then constantly update a recipe section of your board. In addition, if you develop new goals such as lifting more weights or joining a sport, use photos of that sport or lifting weight exercises that will keep you motivated.

4. Look at the Finished Project

Your inspiration board should immediately make an impression on you. If you need to remove some photos, look for ways to vary the shape, size and color of your photos. The style of your board doesn’t have to be chaotic; you can even organize it into different sections to handle a variety of health goals. However, you should view your inspiration board for an entire week before updating or changing it. This is important to seeing your fitness goals up close.

5. In Plain Sight

Make sure that your board is in a spot that stands out and can be seen from any angle. You don’t want to hide your goals, as this is the whole reason to get yourself in shape and can really motivate you each and every day.

Here is an example of a “fitspiration” board:


What inspires me to be active and aspire to live a healthier life is the outdoors.  I love to travel and see new places.  To me, there’s no better feeling than enjoying the outdoors.  Personally, I am not a marathon runner, and you don’t have to be.  I’ve been taking lessons near my work at New York golf club, Shenendoah, as a way to add variety to my normal routine.  I’m not good, but I just enjoy that I can be outside.  Golf is great because not only is it less strenuous activity, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  Green smoothies make for an easy on-the-go breakfast for those hectic mornings.  Smoothies are great because you can customize the ingredients you use in your smoothie.   It’s important to improve your diet when looking to improve your overall health.  Your body needs nutritious foods as fuel for when you exercise.

From my work experience, anytime you’re increasing your daily physical activity, it’s important to stretch your muscles to help prevent injury.  Simple yoga poses are stretches that can be done in the comfort of your own home or when traveling.  Yoga is great for beginners and the more advanced athlete.  I love the idea of doing yoga on the beach.  The beach is so relaxing, a great place for yoga or walking.  It’s definitely easier to be more motivated when the weather is nice.  But sometimes a little motivation is needed.  Try a new pair of sneakers or other workout apparel to get you feeling stylin’ and confident.

photo credit: Green Smoothie | Golf Course | Lake | Sneakers | Yoga

Thanks for the awesome post, Michelle! If you’d like to get in touch with her, please email at:

What do you go to when you need inspiration?


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