Switching up my Routine

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m celebrating today by making guacamole and turkey tacos at home, which isn’t anything drastically different than normal. Going out to a Mexican restaurant today sounds overwhelming, so I’m content staying in. 🙂




I recently got to thinking how I have been guilty of becoming obsessed with one type of workout, go at it consistently for awhile, get burnt out, and then move on to something new.



While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, (as I know exercise will always be a part of my life), I do want to incorporate more variety into my routine. And switching up a routine, keeps your body guessing which helps to decrease the chance of plateauing.

My first obsession was soccer. After college it became running. Next it was power pump (like body pump classes). Then it was boot camp classes. And now it’s barre classes. With each
“obsessive phase” that was basically ALL I’d do.

Attending any type of class more than once a week can get pretty pricey.  And since I need to spend more time with the pup, my goal is do more workouts that are FREE.

I’ve also always had the mantra that you don’t need a fancy gym membership or a lot of money to be fit.  There are so many options for free workouts, it’s easy: hiking, sprinting, running, playing tennis, at home workouts etc. Oh and I need to take advantage of Lululemon’s community yoga classes that they offer each week. So many options.



My plan is to do some type of cardio 2-3x/week, attend a class 1x a week, and do one workout at home or outside.  I’m hoping to stick to this new goal especially since I’ve written it down and told all of you. 🙂 That should hold me accountable!

Do like to switch up your exercise routine? 

What’s your favorite type of exercise to do? 


6 thoughts on “Switching up my Routine

  1. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    I love running or I used to but lately I have found I am actually enjoying doing weights more than running. I used to love doing tabata and circuit workouts too. I think for me I have to just keep mixing it up to keep me interested.


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