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A Happy Place

I hope everyone has had a great long weekend. We didn’t go out of town or anything, but it’s still been wonderful to have 3 days full of: relaxing, working out, eating, and doing nothing.

Of course, we never sleep in super late with the pup- but I’m slowly getting used to it.  Never thought I would say that.



Anywho, I was able to get in 2 Pop Physique classes (Sat & Sun) AND bike ride today so my body is happy.

Speaking of happy, I was able to make it out to the beach twice this weekend and officially decided that is my “happy place.” Whether I am getting coffee, running, biking, or laying out- everything about the beach is relaxing to me.

008And always so pretty

I feel lucky to live close, so I try to make it there as much as possible either by myself, with a girlfriend, or with the hubby. It’s a place where I can think, not think, people watch, or exercise. Whenever someone asks me “what is your perfect day like?”- it always includes the beach.

I think everyone needs a place to go that can be their own, a place where you can reflect, relax etc. It can be a coffee shop, your favorite place to hike, your spin class, or a room at home. Think about what your happy place is and how often you visit.


This was Paisley this morning after we walked to Starbucks and were waiting for hubby to come back with the drinks. LOL. Never a dull moment with this one.  005


Please share with me your happy place!


How to get out of a Health Rut

Hello all!

I’m super excited to share a guest post on today’s blog from Michelle Pino about how to get out of a health rut using inspiration boards. I have always been drawn to pictures or images for inspiration, so this topic is always something that interests me. This might explain why I have a slight obsession with Pinterest.  🙂 But enough about me, let’s get to her post:

Get Out of Health Ruts with Inspiration

It can be easy to fall into a health rut. When you’ve been unable to exercise or just can’t stop eating sweets, there’s something that you can do for yourself to motivate and get out of an unhealthy lifestyle. Creating an inspiration board is one of the easiest ways to keep your mind on the prize and start towards a better lifestyle. Whether you want to eat more organic food, start exercising daily or just master certain fitness goals, an inspiration board can help you figure out those goals and fine tune what makes you tick so that you stay focused on getting your health together.

1. Start with Visualization

Photos are the key to any inspiration board. With the right photos of fitness activities, health models, recipes, health food or fitness magazine tips, you can create the perfect inspiration board to motivate you towards working out, eating right, lifting weights or even running in a marathon. You can look for images with Google or even search through tags on Tumblr or Twitter. Print out photos to post on a corkboard or create a Pinterest board with your favorite images.

2. What Makes You Tick

Is there a common theme with your photos? Perhaps you really like finding images with exercise tips or images with recipes. This is your anchor and something that you can build your inspiration board around. One of these images will stand out as the best or something that really gets a response from you, place this photo at the center of your board and look for images that correlate to it.

3. Replace or Update Your Inspiration Board

You don’t want your inspiration board to get stale. It’s important to look at your goals as evolving. If you started wanting to eat right but developed taste for certain recipes, then constantly update a recipe section of your board. In addition, if you develop new goals such as lifting more weights or joining a sport, use photos of that sport or lifting weight exercises that will keep you motivated.

4. Look at the Finished Project

Your inspiration board should immediately make an impression on you. If you need to remove some photos, look for ways to vary the shape, size and color of your photos. The style of your board doesn’t have to be chaotic; you can even organize it into different sections to handle a variety of health goals. However, you should view your inspiration board for an entire week before updating or changing it. This is important to seeing your fitness goals up close.

5. In Plain Sight

Make sure that your board is in a spot that stands out and can be seen from any angle. You don’t want to hide your goals, as this is the whole reason to get yourself in shape and can really motivate you each and every day.

Here is an example of a “fitspiration” board:


What inspires me to be active and aspire to live a healthier life is the outdoors.  I love to travel and see new places.  To me, there’s no better feeling than enjoying the outdoors.  Personally, I am not a marathon runner, and you don’t have to be.  I’ve been taking lessons near my work at New York golf club, Shenendoah, as a way to add variety to my normal routine.  I’m not good, but I just enjoy that I can be outside.  Golf is great because not only is it less strenuous activity, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  Green smoothies make for an easy on-the-go breakfast for those hectic mornings.  Smoothies are great because you can customize the ingredients you use in your smoothie.   It’s important to improve your diet when looking to improve your overall health.  Your body needs nutritious foods as fuel for when you exercise.

From my work experience, anytime you’re increasing your daily physical activity, it’s important to stretch your muscles to help prevent injury.  Simple yoga poses are stretches that can be done in the comfort of your own home or when traveling.  Yoga is great for beginners and the more advanced athlete.  I love the idea of doing yoga on the beach.  The beach is so relaxing, a great place for yoga or walking.  It’s definitely easier to be more motivated when the weather is nice.  But sometimes a little motivation is needed.  Try a new pair of sneakers or other workout apparel to get you feeling stylin’ and confident.

photo credit: Green Smoothie | Golf Course | Lake | Sneakers | Yoga

Thanks for the awesome post, Michelle! If you’d like to get in touch with her, please email at:

What do you go to when you need inspiration?

Puppy Sprints & Summer Tops

So you know the feeling in your legs and butt when you haven’t sprinted in awhile? (like months). Yea that’s what I’m feeling right now. Yikes.

I miss playing soccer because I always got in long and short sprints during the game. Now I have to make a conscious effort to do a “sprint workout” and sometimes it’s easier for me to just run 30 minutes than go through a series of sprints.

Today I’m reminded my body is not used to it at all. Sad Day.



Awhile back I posted a sprint workout and had every intention to do sprints more regularly but it hasn’t happened as consistently as I’d like. But I think with puppy, it’s going to be much easier.

We took little Paisley to a nearby park and sprinted with her back and forth until she got tired.  I think we ended up doing about 10 little 50 meter sprints all together.

Now she looks like this. Sleeping under the bed.

009Aww peace and quiet. I like this.

I’m excited to make this more than just a weekly event as it’ll obviously be a good workout for both of us.


I’m on the search for a new workout top.  Something that is cute (of course) but comfy for dog walking, biking, or going on a run. I’m kind of obsessed with the open back trend, I think it looks super cute with a bright colored sports bra or tank underneath.

Here’s some fun finds from Lululemon, Nordstrom,  (Nordstrom top 2), Lorna Jane, and Lucy.





I need to narrow it down to 1…….I’ll let you all know which one I pick 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday !

Do you incorporate sprinting into your workouts?

What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog?

Monday Motivation

Is it really Monday already?? Sadly yes. Back to the daily grind. 

I’m a super visual learner, so I pictures, collages, and naturally Pinterest.  I wanted to share some of my favorite motivational pictures in hopes that they inspire you for a week of fitness. 🙂 All picks are taken from my Pinterest page.







Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

We get to take this cute little girl to Puppy class tonight! So cute AND it tires her out which means the evening is a little more relaxing for us. 🙂


Share with me what your workout plans are for the week! 

Switching up my Routine

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m celebrating today by making guacamole and turkey tacos at home, which isn’t anything drastically different than normal. Going out to a Mexican restaurant today sounds overwhelming, so I’m content staying in. 🙂




I recently got to thinking how I have been guilty of becoming obsessed with one type of workout, go at it consistently for awhile, get burnt out, and then move on to something new.



While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, (as I know exercise will always be a part of my life), I do want to incorporate more variety into my routine. And switching up a routine, keeps your body guessing which helps to decrease the chance of plateauing.

My first obsession was soccer. After college it became running. Next it was power pump (like body pump classes). Then it was boot camp classes. And now it’s barre classes. With each
“obsessive phase” that was basically ALL I’d do.

Attending any type of class more than once a week can get pretty pricey.  And since I need to spend more time with the pup, my goal is do more workouts that are FREE.

I’ve also always had the mantra that you don’t need a fancy gym membership or a lot of money to be fit.  There are so many options for free workouts, it’s easy: hiking, sprinting, running, playing tennis, at home workouts etc. Oh and I need to take advantage of Lululemon’s community yoga classes that they offer each week. So many options.



My plan is to do some type of cardio 2-3x/week, attend a class 1x a week, and do one workout at home or outside.  I’m hoping to stick to this new goal especially since I’ve written it down and told all of you. 🙂 That should hold me accountable!

Do like to switch up your exercise routine? 

What’s your favorite type of exercise to do? 

It’s Survey Time

I love it when bloggers fill out random little surveys. I thought it’s about time for me to do one too. And my blogging inspiration was slacking a little bit today.  I saw this particular survey on Courtney’s blog. So here it goes:

Last Food You Ate: Well I just got home from work and haven’t eaten dinner yet…so I think it was granola bar late this afternoon.

Last Beverage you Drank: Water. Boring, I know. I’m one of those that carries a water bottle everywhere I go.

Last Workout: Yesterday I ran about 5 miles along Manhattan Beach towards Redondo. One of my favorite routes to do.

Last thing I Pinned. A cute Summer Outfit. I think I’m ready to spice up my summer wardrobe and a shopping trip is in my near future.


Last Text Message I sent: It was to one of my girlfriends back in Seattle telling her I haven’t slept much the past 2 weeks due to the puppy.  Lol. Oh so true. 

Last Blog I visited: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to get the survey questions!

Last Tweet I sent: 005In reference to the ridiculousness of Ryan Lochte’s new show. It’s so bad, but I can’t seem to look away.

Last Place visited: Indio, California! We went to the Stagecoach festival this past weekend. It was so much fun. And hot. 106 degrees hot on Sunday.




Last time you did ab work: Hmmm. I did a mini workout at home last week before we left for the weekend. So the last time was about 5 days ago.

Last show you watched: Married To Jonas. I love it.  They are so cute and I love admiring her wardrobe.



Last thing you baked: Breaded chicken last week for dinner.

Last thing you Instagrammed: 


A picture of my new Bar Method home dvd. Shocking I know. I plan on trying out the workout tomorrow when Puppy is asleep…..

Last Item On Your To-Do List for Today: After finishing this post, nothing. Laundry is done. Dishes are done. I plan on sitting on the couch and zoning out for a little bit. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week!

Any survey’s you want to share?