Life with a Puppy

Life has been pretty hectic this past week and the thanks goes to this little munchkin, Paisley. (We named her after Brad Paisley 🙂 )


Yep I’m officially a mommy of a furry little girl.


Such a cutie.

Hubby and I had talked about getting a puppy for awhile and when we actually went to look, everything just seemed to fall into place. And quickly. When we saw her in person, I knew there was no way we weren’t taking her home that night.

This is a picture of our new family of 3 on her first day.

012Hubby grew up with dogs, but this is the first time for me to be a doggy mom. And Boy it is A LOT of work. Phew.  I’m currently writing this post standing with my computer on top of my ironing board so she doesn’t try to eat the cords or my computer at that.

After 1 week with Paisley I have learned:

  • I probably won’t ever sleep in past 7 am 😦
  • My shoes will never be left on the floor
  • I need to make sure the puppy harness is on tight enough when I take her on a walk (woops)
  • I will savor the moments when puppy is napping
  • My floors will always have chew toys on them
  • I’m so so happy to have my new furry little friend


Workouts have been tough during the week because we both want to spend as much time with her as possible. And if hubby is working out at night, I don’t want to leave her at home all alone. So, we have been trying to coordinate our schedules.

I was trying to do squat jumps the other night and Paisley thought I wanted to play with her so she started jumping up too. LOL. Too bad I don’t have a video of that one.

This week I plan on doing some of the Tone it Up at home workouts (while puppy is asleep) and go on a run when hubby is home.  I also think it’s time for me to invest in some new workout dvd’s like Pure Barre or Physique 57.

Any pet owners want to share some puppy training tips? I’m open to everything and anything! 

How do you get workouts in with a brand new puppy?


3 thoughts on “Life with a Puppy

  1. Brittany

    Welcome to puppy mama-hood! It’s definitely a wild ride — My fur baby Fiona turns 2 in June, so it wasn’t that long since I was where you are (and STILL are some days!) … BTW – you’re right about the sleeping thing! I, too, did workouts when Fiona (finally) fell asleep – I also found that taking her on a quick walk before working out helped with her energy level. In the very beginning, I had to crate her while I worked out. Now she is able to hang out with me, or she goes outside 🙂 One of the best thing my boyfriend did to train Fiona was to “bell” train her – she has her own bell that hangs from the back door that she rings when she needs to go out!!

    Enjoy your little lady – You are going to have so much fun!!! 😀

    1. fitgirlprettyworld Post author

      Thanks for the tips! It has been an adjustment so far for sure. We woke up at 5:15 this AM, ugh. I was able to get in a workout while she napped so that was nice. Now I’m off to make some coffee 🙂


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