Too Much Food

Happy Easter Weekend!!

I hope everyone had a good day spending time with your loved ones.  Hubby and I had a pretty busy weekend and now we are having a hard time getting off the couch.

Saturday morning started off with some errands and then a 6 mile run along the beach. I haven’t been running longer than 4 miles recently for no particular reason, so it felt really good to get in a longer run. I drove down to Manhattan Beach and ran from the pier to Redondo Beach and back.


A little bit of an overcast day, but the beach still looks beautiful to me! There was a lot of people out walking, running, and biking and that’s always a good motivator for me.

We met up with our friends in town from Seattle Saturday night for dinner in Hollywood. Fancy Fancy. (I think I have now been to Hollywood 3 times since we have lived here).


Amazing food and wine. (Maybe a little too much wine….) 🙂 So fun to have a decadent night catching up.


This morning Hubby and I woke up early to make to Easter service, stopped by Starbucks, then met up with some friends for Easter Brunch in Brentwood.


We ate 3 1/2 hours ago and I’m still full. I slacked at taking pictures inside because I was too busy enjoying the company, which is probably a good thing. 🙂

I had planned on going on another run this afternoon, but my motivation level isn’t super high right now. The couch is really comfy. I’m hoping I can squeeze a quick at home workout like this one from the Tone it Up girls later this evening. They are too cute.


What did you do to celebrate your Easter weekend?

Do you have a hard time working out on Holidays? 


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