Weekend in La Jolla

Weekend “get-aways” are my favorite.  Separating ourselves from the daily routine and being in different place is so necessary and relaxing.

We decided we needed a weekend away and since we haven’t been down to San Diego in awhile, that’s where we went. And it was a blast.


Our first stop (after dropping off our stuff at the hotel) was the beach of course!


We parked at the beach then walked around and took pictures (well that was mostly me). For some reason I could wander around and look at the beach for hours and not get bored. But after an hour we both got hungry and searched for our lunch spot.


So many options, but we stumbled along this restaurant/bar overlooking the shore. Pretty perfect. 010

We ate too much for lunch. Quac and chips + a fish sandwich. So yummy.

037Then we ate too much for dinner. I think I was too hungry to take a picture. Blogger fail.

Oh well.

Our server at dinner surprised us with tirimisu (sp?) on the house for dessert. (I usually don’t take pictures of my food, but everything was so pretty I had to).


The next morning we packed up our stuff from the hotel and headed back to the shore for breakfast before we hit the road.

027Shortly after we got home I went on a little 40 minute jog. It was slow but felt good to burn off some of those calories from the weekend of indulging.

Now we are off to catch up on our regular Sunday night shows (Girls, Shameless, Californication).

What is your favorite place for a weekend get-away? 


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