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Too Much Food

Happy Easter Weekend!!

I hope everyone had a good day spending time with your loved ones.  Hubby and I had a pretty busy weekend and now we are having a hard time getting off the couch.

Saturday morning started off with some errands and then a 6 mile run along the beach. I haven’t been running longer than 4 miles recently for no particular reason, so it felt really good to get in a longer run. I drove down to Manhattan Beach and ran from the pier to Redondo Beach and back.


A little bit of an overcast day, but the beach still looks beautiful to me! There was a lot of people out walking, running, and biking and that’s always a good motivator for me.

We met up with our friends in town from Seattle Saturday night for dinner in Hollywood. Fancy Fancy. (I think I have now been to Hollywood 3 times since we have lived here).


Amazing food and wine. (Maybe a little too much wine….) 🙂 So fun to have a decadent night catching up.


This morning Hubby and I woke up early to make to Easter service, stopped by Starbucks, then met up with some friends for Easter Brunch in Brentwood.


We ate 3 1/2 hours ago and I’m still full. I slacked at taking pictures inside because I was too busy enjoying the company, which is probably a good thing. 🙂

I had planned on going on another run this afternoon, but my motivation level isn’t super high right now. The couch is really comfy. I’m hoping I can squeeze a quick at home workout like this one from the Tone it Up girls later this evening. They are too cute.


What did you do to celebrate your Easter weekend?

Do you have a hard time working out on Holidays? 


How’s Your Form?

Happy Saturday!

Even after working only a 4 day work week, I’m still just as excited for my weekend. Work was super busy this week- getting back to the real world is always an adjustment.

Random (And Kind of Funny) Comment of the Week:

I decided to whip out one of my Insanity Dvd’s to switch up my workout routine. Needless to say I made it through the workout,  but my calves have been oh so sore. Like, so sore that I need to hold onto the railing when I walk down stairs. Yea its been bad. Doesn’t help that I’m up on my feet all day at work. I’ve been stretching as much as I can, and hopefully they’ll feel better for my Pop Physique class this weekend. Eek. Apparently I need to add in some more plyos into my workout routine, or be a little more gradual with my workout changes 🙂


Today I thought I’d review some common exercises and the proper form. Sometimes technique mistakes can result in injury or can prevent you from properly building the muscles you want.




Common Mistake: Tucking butt under, putting added stress on knees and relaxing the glutes.

When you are squatting down, you want more weight to be distributed in your heels, instead of your toes- this forces you to make your glutes work. Also, push your hips back and stick your bottom out like you are sitting in a chair (all before bending your knees). Remember to keep your chest up and abs tight!

Seated or Bent Over Rows



Common Mistake: Overusing your neck and upper shoulder muscles instead of your mid-back (middle traps and rhomboids).

Before you begin, check your posture! Chest is up and out, sitting up tall with shoulders over your hips, shoulders relaxed, and shoulder blades are pulled back.  As you are rowing, keep your torso still and think about pinching your shoulder blades together and down. Think: squeeze in and down!


13/1/09 carla pic david poole exercise number 1


Common Mistake: Letting the abdominal muscles relax resulting in an increased arch of the low back

When you are performing this exercise your shoulders need to be positioned over your elbows, feet are shoulder width apart, head and neck is relaxed with your gaze slightly in front of you. Keep your body in a straight line (hips aren’t sagging and booty isn’t sticking up in the air). Tighten your abdominal muscles by imagining bringing your bellybutton towards your spine.

If you find your low back is sagging too much during this exercise, always go down to the modified plank position (on knees) with the same technique hints in mind.


Off to enjoy a lazy weekend!

What exercise is the hardest for you to perform correctly? 

Weekend in La Jolla

Weekend “get-aways” are my favorite.  Separating ourselves from the daily routine and being in different place is so necessary and relaxing.

We decided we needed a weekend away and since we haven’t been down to San Diego in awhile, that’s where we went. And it was a blast.


Our first stop (after dropping off our stuff at the hotel) was the beach of course!


We parked at the beach then walked around and took pictures (well that was mostly me). For some reason I could wander around and look at the beach for hours and not get bored. But after an hour we both got hungry and searched for our lunch spot.


So many options, but we stumbled along this restaurant/bar overlooking the shore. Pretty perfect. 010

We ate too much for lunch. Quac and chips + a fish sandwich. So yummy.

037Then we ate too much for dinner. I think I was too hungry to take a picture. Blogger fail.

Oh well.

Our server at dinner surprised us with tirimisu (sp?) on the house for dessert. (I usually don’t take pictures of my food, but everything was so pretty I had to).


The next morning we packed up our stuff from the hotel and headed back to the shore for breakfast before we hit the road.

027Shortly after we got home I went on a little 40 minute jog. It was slow but felt good to burn off some of those calories from the weekend of indulging.

Now we are off to catch up on our regular Sunday night shows (Girls, Shameless, Californication).

What is your favorite place for a weekend get-away? 

The Dreaded Side Stich

Today has been quite a perfect day, minus the fact that we lost an hour. 😦 I know it’s a good thing having daylight later, but I can’t believe it’s already 6:00 pm! I slept almost 11 hours last night, so that might have been part of it. oops.

Anyways, my workout schedule wasn’t the greatest last week since I was feeling a little under the weather, but I’m happy to say I feel normal again. The hubby and I went on a long bike ride along the beach today, and it felt so good to exercise again. I know it’s only been 5 days, but when I can’t workout at all I don’t feel like myself. I’m sure some of you can relate! 🙂

Here’s a pic. I snapped from our lunch spot. Pretty amazing view. Beach and lots of sunshine! I love seeing so many people out and about: walking, biking, running, laying on the beach and playing volleyball….


Onto the Side Stich….



Most of us have experienced this at some point in our exercise careers: A Side Ache– the sharp intense pain just below your rib cage, typically on the right side.

This continues to be a debated topic with researchers about what it is and what is the exact cause. Two popular theories are: It’s a spasm of your diaphragm cramping & straining of ligaments in your diaphragm and liver region.

In an case, here are some tips to prevent this from happening to you:

  • Warm up gradually
  • Increase your exercise intensity at a steady pace (don’t push yourself too hard, too early)
  • Concentrate on breathing while you run (take deep even breaths)
  • Keep your abdominals and lower back strong

If you do happen to get a side ache, try:

  • Slowing down your pace (if you are running)
  • Stretch- Raise your arm up overhead (on the affected side) and lean away
  • Press or massage the area of pain- lean forward to ease pain



Oh, and who is pumped up for the Bachelor finale tomorrow night??!

What did you do this weekend?

Any tips for relieving a side-ache?

Later! ~M

Why Fitness Matters

I’m excited to share a Guest Post with you all today.

I have always been passionate about teaching people to incorporate exercise their lives for the obvious physical and mental benefits, but how about when fighting a disease or illness? Melanie Bowen is an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiative and wants to share how and why exercise is important in these situations.



Why Fitness Matters With Cancer

Staying physically fit is always important. At every age, and no matter what health problems a person has, there are nearly always actions that person can take to stay as physically fit as possible. Research on exercise shows that every little bit of exercise helps and adds up over time to improvements in health.

Having a cancer diagnosis is no exception to the rule of physical activity being a good idea. No matter what kind of cancer it is, from mesothelioma to breast cancer, even to skin cancer, exercising will help you in a number of ways. Exercise can be whatever physical activity you like doing, as long as it increases your heart rate and makes you burn energy.

One result of increased exercise is increased energy. When you exercise, all of your bodily systems become more active. More blood flows to organs and extremities and more oxygen is carried to cells. The effects of these increases in metabolism go on long after the exercise is over, giving you more energy throughout the rest of the day.

Exercise has also shown itself to be an effective way of improving mood. Having a cancer diagnosis is stressful, and low moods are common. Getting exercise is a proven way of relieving mild to moderate depression for many people. Improvements in mood and energy can significantly improve quality of life.

Physical fitness also helps with losing and maintaining weight, which has also been linked to the risk of cancer. If you need to lose weight, getting anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise most days of the week will probably be needed. The level and length of exercise will depend on each individual so it is important to speak with a medical professional to develop an appropriate regimen. Start slow and work your way back to healthy!

Thanks for your post Melanie. You can follow her on Twitter and her blog at

Have a great Friday everyone! ~Marielle

Ballet Legs Workout

Happy Saturday Blogging Friends! AND Happy March!

Started off my weekend with a little barre workout at Pop Physique in Venice. We did lots of plank variations today, so I know I’ll be feeling it in my abs tomorrow.


I was anxious to get home quickly from class because it was already 75 degrees at 9 am this morning. Woo. I sat outside in my backyard for about an hour writing in my blog journal and soaking up some rays. 🙂  I present to you: my Ballet Legs Workout. 

Repeat this circuit 2-3x and make sure to stretch afterwards.

Heel Raises



Raise up to your toes and squeeze your butt at your highest point.

Plie Squats



Make sure you are keeping your knees in line with your 2nd toe and not dipping inward.

Single Leg Deadlift



Bend forward at your torso and use your stance leg to pull your body back to the upright position.

Standing Hip Flexion Lifts


Balance on one leg, lift up your opposite thigh to about hip height, then from there lift your leg up 2-3 more inches. Try to keep the motion tiny as that will isolate your hip a little more.

Plie Squat Jumps



Watch knee alignment and land softly absorbing the landing.

Straight Leg Raises



Lift your straight leg up to same height as your opposite thigh, from here raise up 2-3 inches and lower back to your starting position parallel to your opposite thigh. Same as the standing hip lifts, keep the motion small.

Heel Raises



Remember to squeeze your butt when you come up to your toes.

Wall Sits



Keep knees on top of ankles and again in line with your second toe


Hope you all enjoy the workout!

What are your plans for the weekend?