Ballet Abs Workout

Hello Friends!

I’ve abandoned the blog for a little bit and it feels good to be back 🙂  I only want to write when I feel inspired, and lately life has been pretty busy- which has left minimal energy for blogging inspiration.

We’ve had some visitors this past week, which is always super fun but it doesn’t give me much down time to write. Coincidentally I stopped by JCrew last week and stumbled upon this adorable goody…….


Now I have a blogging journal! It’s tiny enough to fit in my purse & I’m trying to carry it around with me daily so when I have a blog idea- I can write it down immediately. Makes it easier with trying to balance work, exercise, somewhat of a social life, and a hubby. 🙂

(Blogging + Real Life is still a work in progress)


Onto the workout!! The next body part in my Ballet Series is ABS! (Check out my previous posts on butt and arms)


Complete Routine 2-3x

Form Tips: (I’ve included pictures of the more unique exercises)

High Plank: Keep arch out of back and lift knees up towards your chest (alternating)

Alternating Straight Leg -Ups: Keep legs straight and point your toes



Oblique Twists: Seated with knees bent, lean back and twist torso from side-to-side. (For greater challenge  keep feet off the ground)

Reach Throughs: (not the most graceful looking exercise, but it works) 🙂



Low Plank with leg circles:  Perform plank on forearms-  lift up right leg with leg straight and perform tiny circles leading with your heel. Switch on perform with left leg.

Double Leg Lowers: Lie on back with legs straight up towards ceiling. Keep back flat and lower legs down to the floor.

Straight Leg Crunches: Keep legs straight and flat on the floor with toes pointed. Crunch up only your upper body.


Enjoy the rest of your week! Now I’m off to catch up with the Bachelor drama I missed this week….

How do you balance a full-time job and blogging?? I’d love some tips!


2 thoughts on “Ballet Abs Workout

  1. Amy @ healthy and fit for real

    I like to use a notebook to jot down ideas too but sometimes it just gets put on a scrap piece of paper too!


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