What Keeps You Motivated?

How are all those New Years Resolutions going?? I feel like once it hits late January, there is little talk or buzz about them. And some people even forget what their resolutions were. If you want to get back on track or you already have been working towards your goals, what keeps you motivated? Wikipedia says Motivation is:

“The psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal direction behaviors. It can be considered a driving force.”

Fitness wise it’s easier for me to stay motivated to exercise when I’m training for a race or a competition. There is a deadline and a time frame. But if there isn’t a specific deadline, how do you stay motivated? It’s a Mindset. If I’m feeling less inclined to stick with my routine I remind myself of a few little things:

I love how I feel.  I am slightly addicted to the feeling of my muscles just worked or feeling sore. I enjoy being able to wear leggings and not worry (too much 🙂 ) about how my legs look in them.

Working out Is MY time. I spend 5 days a week working hands-on with people delving into their bodies (and sometimes minds) on what’s physically going on with them. I enjoy it, but at the same time, I need to make sure I get some time to focus on myself. If not I might go crazy. Going to my workout classes or on a run is my time devoted to only me.

Tank Top Season I love having toned arms hiding in sweaters all winter and being able to bring them out in the spring. And living in LA, tank top season is MUCH longer than in Seattle. So I will not be slacking on my push-ups or dips anytime soon 😉

Having a hard time staying on track?

Try posting a picture of a new dress you want to wear to show off your hot body, make a new workout playlist, try a new workout class, splurge on a fun dinner after you have worked out 4x in a week (or whatever goal you have), or take a one week break. Sometimes we need that too!




(All Pics. from Pinterest)

Look for my post this weekend about why I LOVE Barre Classes so very much!

Have a great week everyone!



4 thoughts on “What Keeps You Motivated?

  1. Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections

    This post is such a great reminder. I agree that most tend to forget about their resolutions by now. To avoid this, I made a resolution for each month of the year so I could focus on goals for a shorter period of time so that I don’t just “forget.” Even focusing on something for 4 weeks is hard! It definitely is a mindset, though. If you want it, you have to work for it.

  2. AmyS

    I think it’s always good to remind yourself why you keep working at it! I’m motivated by my brother’s upcoming wedding in Mexico right now.


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