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Spring Shopping List

I know I haven’t posted much (or at all) about clothes & fashion, as the focus of my blog is obviously exercise & fitness. BUT I am a serious girly girl and as much as I love exercise and fitness, I adore fashion (and spend a lot of time reading style blogs as well).

Temperatures are starting to warm up here in LaLa land which means it’s about time for Spring Shopping! 😉 I’m the happiest wearing skirts and flip flops, not much of a winter person. Luckily I can wear this majority of the time down here in SoCal.

So here it goes: my list of spring obsessions…..hoping for them to land in my closet! 🙂

Maxi Dresses



Colored Jeans



 Turquoise Earrings



Comfy Belted Dress



Flowy Skirts



Open-Back Workout Top



I’m still on the lookout for some new nude color wedges…..I have a pair from 2+ years ago that I have worn to death, so I’m on the search for an upgrade.

What are your favorite looks for Spring?

Later Bloggers~ Off to watch the Oscars.



My Favorite Blogs

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to give some blog love and share with you some blogs I follow. I started reading more and more blogs the past couple of years, and through them, was inspired to take the plunge and start my own. It’s been such a fun, rewarding experience the past few months. I know I still have lots to learn, but am slowly finding my rhythm and my voice through Fit Girl in Pretty World.

So here it goes in no particular order!

Marionberry Style

I adore her style tips for the everyday girl. She actually just had a baby and was so awesome about sharing her maternity style, which I will bookmark for the future. AND this girl is so sweet. I actually emailed her when I was thinking about starting a blog to ask her how to start and she was responded quickly and gave me some great recommendations.



Peanut Butter Fingers

When I first discovered this blog (I think I found it through Pinterest) I spent about 2 1/2 hours going through everything. This girl has some fashion posts, easy recipes, and at home workouts. Love. She also has some great posts about blogging and freelance writing that I refer to frequently. I hope someday I can be an awesome blogger like this girl!


Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Another food, fitness, and fashion blogger. I found her blog through reading PB Fingers. I’ve been in a habit lately of reading her posts every morning, as she posts often. And I must say I have a sweet tooth as well, so I can relate 🙂



Fitting it All In

A fellow fit/health blogger and a greatist ambassador. Another great source for workouts, recipes, and the occasional fashion post.



The Trendy Trainer

A fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador and another awesome Fit blogger. I follow this blog for recipes, health tips, and new workout ideas of course!



I’d love to hear what blogs you read to and what inspired you to start blogging!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Ballet Abs Workout

Hello Friends!

I’ve abandoned the blog for a little bit and it feels good to be back 🙂  I only want to write when I feel inspired, and lately life has been pretty busy- which has left minimal energy for blogging inspiration.

We’ve had some visitors this past week, which is always super fun but it doesn’t give me much down time to write. Coincidentally I stopped by JCrew last week and stumbled upon this adorable goody…….


Now I have a blogging journal! It’s tiny enough to fit in my purse & I’m trying to carry it around with me daily so when I have a blog idea- I can write it down immediately. Makes it easier with trying to balance work, exercise, somewhat of a social life, and a hubby. 🙂

(Blogging + Real Life is still a work in progress)


Onto the workout!! The next body part in my Ballet Series is ABS! (Check out my previous posts on butt and arms)


Complete Routine 2-3x

Form Tips: (I’ve included pictures of the more unique exercises)

High Plank: Keep arch out of back and lift knees up towards your chest (alternating)

Alternating Straight Leg -Ups: Keep legs straight and point your toes



Oblique Twists: Seated with knees bent, lean back and twist torso from side-to-side. (For greater challenge  keep feet off the ground)

Reach Throughs: (not the most graceful looking exercise, but it works) 🙂



Low Plank with leg circles:  Perform plank on forearms-  lift up right leg with leg straight and perform tiny circles leading with your heel. Switch on perform with left leg.

Double Leg Lowers: Lie on back with legs straight up towards ceiling. Keep back flat and lower legs down to the floor.

Straight Leg Crunches: Keep legs straight and flat on the floor with toes pointed. Crunch up only your upper body.


Enjoy the rest of your week! Now I’m off to catch up with the Bachelor drama I missed this week….

How do you balance a full-time job and blogging?? I’d love some tips!

Tips for Trying a Barre Class

Barre classes are the latest fitness trend with studios popping up all over the country. The workout trend exploded after Natalie Portman’s performance in Black Swan and her crediting ballet workouts for her “dancers body.”



Is it just a ballet class with stretching? Not really it’s so much more.

Barre classes are a fusion of pilates, ballet, and light weight training with the goal of creating a dancers body, without having to be a dancer.  And boy does it work.



I have been taking Barre Classes for over a year and I’m still addicted. I’ve tried almost all of them: Pure Barre, Bar Method, Pop Physique, and most recently Physique 57. I feel pretty lucky to live in LA as boutique fitness studios are everywhere!

So what do you do? 

You will work your entire body and it’s going to be tough. Sequencing during class varies depending on where you are taking, but generally you will work shoulders, triceps, biceps, quads, butt, and abs. You will use light weights (2,3 or 5#’s to start), some theraband, or a squishy ball. The classes follow the philosophy of strengthen (with small isometric movements) and stretch. The result? A sculpted and lean body.

Tips For First Timers

Wear Socks-  Most studios have socks available for purchase, but if you don’t want to spend the money bring thick socks that help with gripping on the floor.

Shaking is Okay- This is the goal throughout the workout. When your body shakes, you are exhausting and challenging your muscles. The shake = change.

Wear Pants that pass your knee: You are going to doing lots of stretching and work on the floor so shorts aren’t the best choice.

Focus on Small Movements- This will be reiterated throughout class, but most exercises are small and very concentrated.

As with any new exercise class, arrive early 15 minutes early and chat with the instructor beforehand letting him/her know that you are new.



Most studios suggest you come to class 3-5x/week for the best results. As with anything, do what works best for you. If coming 5x/week is what works for you then go for it. If you like once/week, then do that.

For me, I still love to run (don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon) so I typically go to a barre class 2-3x a week and leave 2 days for cardio workouts.

You may ask which is my favorite?  Honestly I have found the best instruction with Bar Method (And that is consistent in Seattle and here in LA). The teachers make a point to learn your name and are extremely hands on and specific during class. But I like switching up my routine, so I try to add in a Pop or Physique 57 class every other week.

Want to try one yourself? Try these links below and find a studio close to you. (PB and BM are the most widespread across the country)

Pure Barre

Bar Method

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Can’t believe its basically the middle of February already. Craziness.

What Keeps You Motivated?

How are all those New Years Resolutions going?? I feel like once it hits late January, there is little talk or buzz about them. And some people even forget what their resolutions were. If you want to get back on track or you already have been working towards your goals, what keeps you motivated? Wikipedia says Motivation is:

“The psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal direction behaviors. It can be considered a driving force.”

Fitness wise it’s easier for me to stay motivated to exercise when I’m training for a race or a competition. There is a deadline and a time frame. But if there isn’t a specific deadline, how do you stay motivated? It’s a Mindset. If I’m feeling less inclined to stick with my routine I remind myself of a few little things:

I love how I feel.  I am slightly addicted to the feeling of my muscles just worked or feeling sore. I enjoy being able to wear leggings and not worry (too much 🙂 ) about how my legs look in them.

Working out Is MY time. I spend 5 days a week working hands-on with people delving into their bodies (and sometimes minds) on what’s physically going on with them. I enjoy it, but at the same time, I need to make sure I get some time to focus on myself. If not I might go crazy. Going to my workout classes or on a run is my time devoted to only me.

Tank Top Season I love having toned arms hiding in sweaters all winter and being able to bring them out in the spring. And living in LA, tank top season is MUCH longer than in Seattle. So I will not be slacking on my push-ups or dips anytime soon 😉

Having a hard time staying on track?

Try posting a picture of a new dress you want to wear to show off your hot body, make a new workout playlist, try a new workout class, splurge on a fun dinner after you have worked out 4x in a week (or whatever goal you have), or take a one week break. Sometimes we need that too!




(All Pics. from Pinterest)

Look for my post this weekend about why I LOVE Barre Classes so very much!

Have a great week everyone!