Happy 2013

I’m back!!

I guess it hasn’t been THAT long but it seems like it because we’ve done so much the past week. And I missed my blogging time! We went back to Seattle after Christmas until last night. This was the first time since we moved that we both came back to Seattle together. It was a super busy trip spending time with our family and friends driving all over, but I’m happy we were able to visit. It’s strange to live in a place for so long, be away for awhile, then come back and everything is kind of the same.

Like my Friends! So fun catching up with all these pretty faces…..



football girls

I love Seattle and miss certain parts of it…mostly my good friends and family, but at the same time I’m happy to explore a new city and start a new life here. Who knows if we’ll stay here in California, go back to Seattle, or move somewhere else in the next few years…but for now I’m trying to enjoy our time here and appreciate all this amazing city has to offer.



I usually don’t seriously think about my New Years Resolutions or Goals…..but writing this blog motivated me to sit down and think about it. So here it goes- I decided to make an intention for myself personally, fitness-wise, and professionally.

Live in the Moment

Being the huge planner that I am, I have such a hard time with this. It’s so silly to rush from experience to experience and not allowing yourself to pause and appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW. Like I said before I don’t know where we will be living 2 years down the road, so my job right now is to experience and enjoy.

Try New Exercise Classes or Activities 

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love to run and go to my Bar Method classes. I’m not abandoning them by any means, but I want to branch out and try something new. I’m lucky to live in a city where there are boutique fitness studios/trends/and new classes popping up constantly….so I don’t really have an excuse to miss out. As luck would have it, Groupon had a deal for 3 Pop Physique classes in my area. Score. And only $30!

The website describes Pop Physique as a “ballet inspired exercise system into an efficient one hour class set to excellent music that belnds elements of ballet, Pilates, and light weight work into a methodical series of strengthening, isometrics, core shaping, and luxuriating stretches.”

Now I know it doesn’t sound THAT different from Bar Method, (and I’m sure it’s pretty similar) but hey I have to start somewhere, right?! Baby Steps! 🙂 I’m hoping this spring to try Paddle Boarding….I’e heard it’s a great core workout.

Offer Online Personal Training.

I really miss Personal Training, and haven’t been able to add it into my schedule right now- so I think this would be a great way for me to stay involved in the personal training community. And it may grow into something else in the future…who knows?! I need to get all the logistics and details worked out….but expect to see it sometime in 2013…hopefully sooner than later!

Okay, now that these are all written out I feel like I need to follow through…..so thank you blog and blog readers for keeping me on track and allowing me focus on myself.

Cheers to 2013…I hope everyone has a great first day of the new year!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2013

  1. Christine

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. I love Seattle. I haven’t been back to visit in a long time. I think that it might be time for a trip! Love your goals – especially the first one. I need to be more conscious of that too instead of just rush rush rushing to the next thing.


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