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Day Trip

So this is what I did today.

Walked around the cute little town of Santa Barbara.

010I have been itching to get briefly get away from the city. But I didn’t want to take time off work or spend too much money for a hotel stay, so I thought a day trip would be just right.

And it was.

One of the things I really love about living in Southern California is that there are SO many places to explore within driving distance.  There’s Orange County, Catalina, San Diego, Santa Barbra etc.


We got up to SB around 11am this AM. We didn’t really have a plan as to what we going to do up there besides lunch. So we just walked up and down State Street enjoying the sun. (It’s been cloudy in LA the past week, so we have felt a little deprived, LOL)

The little downtown area is too cute. Hubby was shocked at how many pictures I needed to take, but I couldn’t resist 🙂



We stumbled upon a cute little Mexican Cantina place for lunch and ate way too much. (And I still came home with leftovers .  I guess I was too hungry because I forgot to take pictures of my food. Oh well. My stomach enjoyed it.


I did manage to take a pic of my fun Peach Margarita drink. YUM.

Lastly we made a pit stop for some dessert.


So good.

I wasn’t able to run this morning because we wanted to get on the road pretty early, but I did manage to go on a 30 min. jog when we got back. Score.

Now I don’t feel so bad about all the food I ate today. 🙂

Now I’m all ready for my favorite Sunday night show: Girls. I know I talk about this show all the time, but it’s just so fantastic. I can’t stop laughing about Hannah wearing a sleeping bag in last weeks episode. So random. It’s an actual sleeping bag with a hood and arm holes.



Do you have any favorite weekend get-away spots?

My Ballet Workouts will be back later this week!



Ballet Butt Workout


Yikes It’s been awhile. For some reason life has been incredibly busy the past couple of weeks and I haven’t had much energy to sit down to write. But not to worry, I am back.

One thing that kept me busy was that I turned 30 two weeks ago! I’m no longer in my 20’s, that is very strange. I feel like I’m still 26 and look 26……until I see someone that is 21 and realize how young they look.  Ha. I saw this picture on Pinterest yesterday, and that pretty much sums it all up.

001LOL! Can any of you relate?!?

Before we get to the workout, I want to share a couple of pictures from my birthday celebration. What did I do to celebrate my big 30, you may ask…..Well, I wanted to do something different but didn’t want to spend too much much traveling anywhere since it was right after the holidays. I’ve done the bar thing a lot too and that didn’t sound that exciting to me. So, we decided to go to Disneyland! Yes again. If you have been following my blog, you know that we went to Disney for Christmas  Well, we have our annual passes to use and some of our friends do as well.




Man I really love that place, and I can’t imagine it ever getting old.


Oh and awesome side-note: I share my birthday with Ms Kate Middleton. I love her and even more so since she is my birthday buddy and all.



Onto my Ballet Workout Series.  Today I wanted to share a Ballet Butt workout…..Spring is going to be here sooner than we think (It’s 70 degrees in LA right now!) so we have to be prepared for little shorts and skirts, right? 🙂

(There are 2 more weeks left of football, so my personal photographer will be available then) 🙂

Plie Squats



For the pulsing Plie Squats performed at the end of the circuit, squat down to your lowest point and pulse your knees out and feel that squeeze in the side of your butt. Keep the movement tiny and concentrated.

Donkey Kicks



Keep hips straight down towards the ground and squeeze butt as you lift up towards the ceiling.




Make sure core is tight throughout. For Pulsing Bridges, lift hips up-keep them up, and press knees out away from your mid line (same idea as the pulsing plie squats)

Hip Extensions

hip extension

To modify, bend forward at your hips so that your head is level with the chair. Keep core tight and leg straight and lift up behind you squeezing your butt.


FIre Hydrants

fire hydrant


Similar to donkey kicks, make sure you keep your torso still and don’t let it rotate as you lift your leg.



Keep knees stacked on top of ankles and use your front leg to pull you up and kick your opposite leg forward

Alright kids, off to enjoy the sunshine…….Let me know how you like the workout!


Ballet Arms Workout #1

Happy Weekend All!

I hope everyone is all adjusted being back into the normal routine after the Holidays.  It was so nice to only work 3 days this week, making it a more gradual return into real life.

So, my 30th (eeek) birthday is coming up this week and I thought it was pretty fantastic that this Friends episode was on tv last week. I thought it was pretty appropriate timing. (It’s the one where Rachel turns 30). LOL.

The hubby surprised me with my early birthday present this Saturday…….


A Beach Cruiser!!

I’ve been wanting one for awhile, well once we moved down here, but have just been lazy picking one out. But now I don’t have to! 🙂

Hubby gave it to me early so we could ride down to the beach Saturday afternoon since the weather was pretty nice and we didn’t have any plans. So fun. Looking forward to many more trips down to the beach, esp. this summer. No more dealing with parking!! Score.


Today is my first routine in my custom designed Ballet Body At-Home Workout Series. Excited to share workout #1 with you! The series is going to include ballet arms, ballet butt, ballet legs, and ballet abs sculpting a toned dancers body.

Back in college I started strength training, and quickly got bored with the typical “weight training” routines lifting heavy weights and using machines. I’m so happy I discovered barre and dancer-like workouts a few years ago. From taking these classes, I have adapted my own version of a “Ballet Workout” incorporating body weight, sculpting and toning exercises to get the best results. I suggest using 3-5# wt’s.


Inchworms: Begin standing, walk hands down to ground and keeping legs straight walk out until you are in push-up position, then walk back to feet, stand up straight. That’s 1 rep.

Wide Bicep Curls: Elbows at sides, open forearms up to wider than shoulder width. Bent arms up and out all the way straight.

Lateral Arm Raises: Arms straight at sides, thumbs up. Keeping arms straight raise arms up slightly above shoulder height without shrugging up shoulders, lower arms down about 6 inches from your sides and then repeat up.

Burpees: To make these more challenging, add a push-up at the bottom portion.

Pulsing Dips: Just like regular dips, but pulse up and down making about a 4 inch movement  It’ll burn a little more this way. Always keep elbows at sides and pointing straight back.

Arm Circles: Arms held straight out at sides, begin with thumbs up and perform tiny circles clockwise, then counterclockwise. Try to make the movement TINY and reaching arms away from your body.

Hinging Shoulder Extensions: Bend slightly forward at your hips (like you are going to perform a bent-over row). Begin with arms straight at sides and palms facing into your body. Keep arms straight as you extend then behind you and add a squeeze of your arms into your body as you perform this exercise. Pause at highest point behind you and slowly lower arms down. 

Alternating Front Raises: Arms straight again, thumbs pointing up. Raise one arm up slightly past shoulder height, lower down, and alternate with opposite arm so that arms cross at chest level. 

Diamond Push-Ups: Place hands together so that thumb and pointer fingers are touching, creating a diamond shape in between hands. Try to do as many p-ups as you can on your toes. 

Bicycle Arms: Raise arms up to shoulder height with palms facing each other bend elbows. (Just like arm circles), rotate arms forward and back trying to keep the movement super small as well. Alternate arms so one is rotating forward and one is rotating backwards. 

Sorry for no picture examples… photographer (the husband) is not super available during Football Season, but soon enough he’ll be free on Sundays to resume his photographer role 🙂 Always, leave comments below if you need clarification with anything!


Also  if you have a goal of losing weight this year…please do it with me and sign up with my Diet Bet.  All you do is pay $15 and if you lose 4 % of your weight in 4 weeks, you win some money! We all know money can be a good motivator 🙂 So give it a try and tell your friends…..the more people that join, the bigger the payout for all of you!

Until next time!



Everyone has good intentions when starting their New Years Resolutions, but sticking to them can be tricky. Work gets busy, other commitments come up, and before you realize it you haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks.

I’ve found an easy solution: The DietBet. 



There’s not much to it: You get 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight.  Everyone puts money into “the pot”….with my game it’s $15. At the end of the four weeks, whoever reaches the 4% goal splits the money in the pot. It’s “social dieting.”

It’s that simple. You earn money by losing weight. Seriously.

  • 85% of participants lose 4.5 lbs on average.
  • People who announce their goals publicly are more likely to stick with them
  • Everyone who loses 4% of their weight wins! All winners will split the pot at the end.

Here’s a testimonial from a recent Diet Bet participant:

“DietBet worked for me because it was a way to engage myself socially and motivate me while having friendly competition to feel better and become healthier…. and of course look great! 

If you are thinking about joining a game, I would tell you to do it! There is no better motivation to lose weight to look great than to win money to buy that new little black dress in a smaller size!



If losing weight is part of your New Years goals, they join us and we’ll work at this together! My game starts Monday January 14th and each participant only needs to put in $15 to enter.

Feel free to pass this along to friends, family, or coworkers…… The more people that enter, the bigger the payout will be.

Good Luck! 🙂

Happy 2013

I’m back!!

I guess it hasn’t been THAT long but it seems like it because we’ve done so much the past week. And I missed my blogging time! We went back to Seattle after Christmas until last night. This was the first time since we moved that we both came back to Seattle together. It was a super busy trip spending time with our family and friends driving all over, but I’m happy we were able to visit. It’s strange to live in a place for so long, be away for awhile, then come back and everything is kind of the same.

Like my Friends! So fun catching up with all these pretty faces…..



football girls

I love Seattle and miss certain parts of it…mostly my good friends and family, but at the same time I’m happy to explore a new city and start a new life here. Who knows if we’ll stay here in California, go back to Seattle, or move somewhere else in the next few years…but for now I’m trying to enjoy our time here and appreciate all this amazing city has to offer.



I usually don’t seriously think about my New Years Resolutions or Goals…..but writing this blog motivated me to sit down and think about it. So here it goes- I decided to make an intention for myself personally, fitness-wise, and professionally.

Live in the Moment

Being the huge planner that I am, I have such a hard time with this. It’s so silly to rush from experience to experience and not allowing yourself to pause and appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW. Like I said before I don’t know where we will be living 2 years down the road, so my job right now is to experience and enjoy.

Try New Exercise Classes or Activities 

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love to run and go to my Bar Method classes. I’m not abandoning them by any means, but I want to branch out and try something new. I’m lucky to live in a city where there are boutique fitness studios/trends/and new classes popping up constantly….so I don’t really have an excuse to miss out. As luck would have it, Groupon had a deal for 3 Pop Physique classes in my area. Score. And only $30!

The website describes Pop Physique as a “ballet inspired exercise system into an efficient one hour class set to excellent music that belnds elements of ballet, Pilates, and light weight work into a methodical series of strengthening, isometrics, core shaping, and luxuriating stretches.”

Now I know it doesn’t sound THAT different from Bar Method, (and I’m sure it’s pretty similar) but hey I have to start somewhere, right?! Baby Steps! 🙂 I’m hoping this spring to try Paddle Boarding….I’e heard it’s a great core workout.

Offer Online Personal Training.

I really miss Personal Training, and haven’t been able to add it into my schedule right now- so I think this would be a great way for me to stay involved in the personal training community. And it may grow into something else in the future…who knows?! I need to get all the logistics and details worked out….but expect to see it sometime in 2013…hopefully sooner than later!

Okay, now that these are all written out I feel like I need to follow through… thank you blog and blog readers for keeping me on track and allowing me focus on myself.

Cheers to 2013…I hope everyone has a great first day of the new year!