At Home-Workout Week

My plan was to sleep in this morning because, well, it’s SATURDAY! And lucky me, I was wide awake at 7am! I layed around in bed until about 8, and now I’m here! I guess my body didn’t feel like letting me sleep in. Grrr.  But since I was up, I thought what a perfect time to get some blogging in. 🙂  I have some exciting news to share about my little blog………..

First, if you haven’t noticed already, I have a new design!! I’m SO happy with it and I hope it’s more user friendly for people to navigate around as well.


I contacted Jenny Orcutt last Sunday evening and by Tuesday my new design was up.  She was so great and easy to get in touch with. I don’t know much about designing a blog and all the little details that go along with blogging, and she was extremely helpful throughout the process.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to spice up their blog a bit.  She does full blog makeovers  as well as add-ons (like I did)  You can also follow her on Twitter.


This week I was also contacted by Dean from Diet Bet in hopes of an advertising partnership.

“We’d like to set up and promote a weight-loss “event” with your audience. Specifically, it’s a social dieting game we call a “DietBet”. It’s a fun, friendly way to lose weight in a group.

The results are phenomenal: 85% of participants lose 4.5 lbs on average.32% of participants reach their target goal of 4% of their starting weight and end up “winning” their game and splitting the pot with the other winners (while losing over 8 lbs on average)= 100% of participants have fun”

I found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Fit, participated in this recently too! Watch her YouTube post about the bet. I’m going to start up my game in early January  and will go through all the details as it approaches but wanted to give everyone a sneak peak! 🙂


So this week wasn’t my best “workout week.”  I didn’t get sick, but had a headache all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I had planned on getting in lots of working out this week because it’s going to be sparse next week with traveling and Christmas.  I came home from work and all I wanted to do was lay down. So I did.  I managed to get in 1 workout this week and it was my Super Sculpting Bar Method DVD   When I finally felt better, I didn’t feel like going anywhere.  It’s been cold and dark, which is making me want to hibernate at home.

20121219-135217.jpgI haven’t done a workout video in months, but this one was actually pretty challenging.  I always get more out of a workout when I go to class, but this was a good alternative.

I also own the “Insanity” home workouts. I didn’t do any of them this week because I thought all the jumping exercises wouldn’t help with the headache stuff.  These are pretty tough workouts, and I like that you don’t need any equipment either. I wouldn’t recommend someone who is brand new to working out to try these initially, but once you know basic squat form and core activation- go for it!
insanity Source

I’m going to pack these dvd’s with me next week when we are traveling, and hope I can get some good workouts in. 🙂

Happy Saturday before Christmas!!

What are you favorite workout dvd’s??




6 thoughts on “At Home-Workout Week

  1. amandalynnlittle

    Okay so I have a SLIGHT bias, because I’m a BB coach, BUT I have to say I LOVVEEE any DVD’s that allow me to dance! I generally don’t love working out; so the more fun I can have, the more at home I am.


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